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The unique atmosphere at Frankfurt Airport offers retailers and restaurant & bar operators unusually favorable starting conditions. The terminals are frequented by international travelers all day long, from the early morning hours until late in the evening. In rapid succession, flights arriving from around the world discharge crowds of deep-pocketed visitors eager to spend their money. Amid the bustling activity filling Terminals 1 and 2, a magnetic attraction is exerted by strategically located marketplaces featuring more than 300 attractive shops, restaurants, and bars. Frankfurt Airport is a spectacular setting for successful retailing—an upwardly mobile venue in constant flux.


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Airport Retailing has emerged as one of Fraport AG’s most successful divisions. Highly attractive shops profit from the pulsating energy of this major aviation hub while themselves contributing to its uniqueness. A variety of marketplaces – integrated into the airport’s premium architecture—are arrayed on the principal pedestrian routes in both the pre-security and post-security zones. There are also stores and restaurants along the paths to the departure gates. Their concepts and focuses are carefully selected to suit the passengers who typically pass through each area. The hours they are open—seven days a week—are mainly geared to the first and last departure times, with some outlets operating around the clock. All of this ensures retailers above-average annual sales per square meter. You can find more information and an overview of all shops, restaurants, and service facilities here.


Marketplaces behind the Boarding Pass and Security Checks

In the international departure areas, guests immerse themselves in a premium shopping environment. Both globally renowned luxury brands and a selection of regional retailers and food & beverage outlets occupy total space of 27,000 sq.m behind the boarding pass and security checks alone. Target groups from all over the world can take advantage of a carefully assembled choice of elegant shops and boutiques. Passengers’ culinary wishes are met by a wide variety of innovative concepts, ranging from upscale restaurants across international cafés to fast food and exquisite caviar bars. In this way, every marketplace is imbued with its own fascinating character, inviting visitors to enjoy an exclusive ambiance and discover exceptional products while waiting for their flights to depart. Spacious Duty Free and Travel Value shops naturally also play an indispensable role with exclusive special editions, a wide spectrum of attractive brands, and persuasive price savings. They can be found in all of the marketplaces at Frankfurt Airport.

Publicly Accessible Marketplaces

On the departures level of Terminal 1, two publicly accessible marketplaces called the Shopping Avenue and the Shopping Boulevard welcome passengers and visitors. The Shopping Avenue features a host of attractive shops and centrally located cafes, some with a view of the apron and airfield. The Shopping Boulevard excels with a striking ambience and international brands, inviting you to take your time browsing around. These shopping areas in Terminal 1 are supplemented by the Airport City Mall, which is centrally located just below the arrivals level where it links together the corridor to the parking structures, the regional train station, and the arrivals and departures levels. Besides appealing shops and food & beverage outlets, it also includes the Terminal 1 Car Rental Center, where all rental car providers operate counters.
In the pre-security part of Terminal 2, the Shopping Plaza provides our guests with opportunities to shop near the Visitors' Terrace. The Food Plaza with restaurants and cafés located opposite it, featuring a panoramic view of the airport premises, also exerts a powerful attraction on travelers and visitors. Vehicle rentals are available in the Car Rental Center in the arrivals area of Terminal 2.

Online Marketplace: Frankfurt Airport Online Shopping

With its online trading platform, launched in December 2015, Fraport AG offers its retail partners an additional opportunity for a digital showroom, thus responding to the rising customer demand for digital information and services. Passengers and visitors alike may use the digital platform to reserve any products offered by the participating retail partners 24 hours in advance; pick-up and payment of the products take place in the respective shop on the day of departure. Online payments and delivery of an order right to the gate, to specific pick-up points or to an address indicated by the customer will be implemented soon. Travelers thus save time and enhance their unique and individual airport shopping experience. Retail partners, in turn, benefit from an extended marketing and from targeted sales promotion measures which make their products visible and available on the entire airport premises, regardless of the on-site location.


Target Groups

Chinese, Russians, Japanese, Arabs, Americans: foreigners make up a larger share of transferring passengers at Frankfurt Airport than at any other European airport. This is a unique advantage, because they are among the very best consumers. They spend an average of two hours here, in many cases longer, and have plenty of time to stroll through the spacious marketplaces and enjoy themselves while exploring and making purchases. There are business and leisure travelers from all over the world. Each nationality has a different shopping style. Well-heeled Russian and Arab passengers and enthusiastic Asian shoppers ensure high individual tabs. Personal Shoppers assist and support them in Chinese, Russian, or Japanese. The many passengers from Germany, other European countries, and the U.S. are also attractive target groups: their wide-ranging tastes provide inexhaustible opportunities for shops and food & beverage outlets to make sales.


Frankfurt Airport Rewards

The Frankfurt Airport Rewards program allows passengers and visitors to collect bonus points of all participating partners - both online and in the physical shops. The points collected may then be exchanged for attractive prizes at the airport. Discount vouchers, exclusive Fraport services and discounted reservations for parking places are some of the benefits provided by the loyalty program. Besides comprehensive marketing and targeted sales promotion measures, customer loyalty and the creation of relevant knowledge about customers are some of the advantages the Frankfurt Airport Rewards offers its participating partners.