Student Jobs


Come and do a deal with us
Would you like to earn some money during your studies? Then why not apply for a job with us? We are always on the lookout for flexible employees to help us in peak periods.

Tasks include: Aircraft, mail and baggage handling or Check-in

You can apply for these jobs on your own initiative. Current vacancies are listed in our job fair section.

Please note that if you want to apply for an internship, we can only accept applications via our online application form. This is less costly for you and saves us a great deal of work. With your application, please enclose a tabular resume, copies of your last grade reports, a current transcript from your college or university, a valid certificate of enrolment and, for mandatory internships, corresponding certification by the registrar's office. In order to do so, you will have to scan the relevant documents. In this connection, please note that you can only attach documents that have been saved in gif, jpg or pdf format.

Regrettably, we cannot consider students who are looking for employment exclusively during vacations.

Weekly working hours
Your weekly working hours depend on our workload and on the deadlines to be met by the department in question.


Melek Krause

Fraport AG
Personalserviceleistungen (PSL-PB)
60547 Frankfurt am Main

G. Krügel

Fraport AG
Personalserviceleistungen (PSL-PG)
60547 Frankfurt am Main