Diversity at Fraport

a key to our success!

Statement of our Executive Board Chairman, Dr. Stefan Schulte:

“Where else does diversity in people’s origin and thinking occur more than at an airport? We at Fraport experience this kind of diversity day by day in our employees, customers, partners and the men and women living in the neighborhood of the airport. We take advantage of their rich experience, perspectives and capacities in our daily encounters and use them as a basis for our corporate decisions. Diversity is an important success factor that enriches the corporate culture“.

Statement of our Labor Relations Manager, Mr. Michael Müller:

“We embrace the diverse talents and potentials of our employees here at Fraport as an enrichment and opportunity alike, because an active diversity also entails economic success and an increased attractiveness as a reliable employer. Accepting and appreciating our employees – in particular as regards their diversity - is essential. Our mission as employers therefore also involves convincing all employees to recognize and support this diversity. This is how diversity becomes a significant part of our corporate culture”.

By “diversity“ we mean the competent management of the manifold and individual characteristics our employees are endowed with. Such a competent way of handling different ideas and demands enriches our common life and brings out the power of innovation and creativity.

As an internationally active company that is open to world, Fraport can readily appreciate the diversity and differences of its employees. The individual backgrounds, the different qualifications and skills of men and women complement each other perfectly and strengthen the company’s capacities and competitiveness.

As a sign for mutual respect in the daily working environment at the airport, Fraport committed to the Diversity Charter of German Companies in 2007. The appreciation and respect of diversity has a positive effect on our employees‘ motivation and willingness to perform, thus significantly enhancing the quality of our results. Diversity management, therefore, contributes to the airport’s economic success to a large degree.

At Fraport, Diversity Management is based on the Group works agreements “working in partnership, diversity and equal treatment at work“. These agreements define that the company guarantees such principles as non-discrimination, equal opportunities and conduct on a partnership basis and that diversity and motivated employees are regarded important elements for a future-directed development of the global business. To do justice to the importance of the subject, the post of diversity management officer, whose tasks also includes seeing to equal opportunities, was created at Fraport. Her job involves the strategic orientation of diversity management, the continued development of this concept, advising the Executive Board and supporting the business divisions. She is also the go-to person for complaints raised by employees as regards discriminations, disadvantages and harassments to be dealt in the framework of the characteristics defined in the General Equal Treatment Act. To Fraport, the different facets of diversity include such characteristics as biological gender, cultural diversity, work-life balance, people with disabilities, demographic change and sexual orientation.

Gender (Women & Men)

Numerous studies furnish clear evidence of the business management advantages and increased quality output of mixed-gender executive teams. We, too, would like to bring out the best that our employees‘ capacities and potentials can offer to the company. It is of top priority for diversity management to increase the number of women in leading positions at Fraport AG. This percentage, now being some 20%, is planned to go up to approximately 25 to 35% within the next five to seven years. The changes necessary to achieve this goal will focus on a specific qualification of women, their active promotion into higher leading positions and on the optimization of framework conditions. By its traditional “Girls‘ Day”, Fraport wishes to offer young women an insight into the possibility of so-called MINT careers.

For further information, please see our sustainability program.

Fraport AG is also a member of Genderdax.


Work-Life Balance

As part of diversity management another focal point for action is the recognition and promotion of different lifestyles.

We are offering our employees a wide range of services enabling them to coordinate personal needs with business necessities. Among others there is assistance for their parental leave and a host of child-care offers, family-friendly working time models and consulting services for home-based care. 

One approach to providing family-friendly workplaces are home-based offices. In this context, Fraport carried out a pilot project whose popularity is constantly being increased. In 2011 already 127 employees were working partly from home. Owing to the positive results, Fraport will continue to promote and support this form of working. In order to assist families with small children, we are providing crèche facilities and are increasingly cooperating with municipal kindergartens and other childcare services.

The family-friendly corporate philosophy is also implemented in the Group airports As an example, at Antalya airport, where Fraport operates the three terminals via the company ICF Airports, part-time job possibilities and various opportunities of flexible work agreements make it easier to reconcile work-life demands. At special occasions, such as weddings, births or deaths, families are granted an extra financial assistance. In addition, employees are entitled, within the framework of the so-called cafeteria system, to choose up to a fixed budget provided by the company among such benefits as a private health insurance or life insurance for themselves and their family members.

For further information, please see Section Work-Life-Balance.


Cultural Diversity

In the framework of diversity management we are systematically dealing with our employees’ cultural diversity. Being an internationally oriented Group, we attach great importance to the intercultural competence of our workforce. Fraport AG is currently employing men and women from some 70 different nations. In particular in the light of an increasing economic globalization, we wish to bring together people with different cultures and values in their day-to-day work. The ethnic origin of our employees houses an enormous intercultural potential that not only enhances the company’s potential. For this reason, we have, among other measures, introduced educational opportunities for intercultural learning.

To promote employees with a migration background. Fraport is also preparing a concept for key technical and managerial personnel. Please also refer to the area of activity “Diversity – Promotion of Employees with Migration Background” in our Sustainability Program.

Frankfurt Airport provides prayer rooms for passengers, visitors and employees.


People With Disabilities

The permanent integration of people with physical and health restrictions into all areas of employment is another goal of our corporate policy. We make sure to take into account the particular skills and potentials of employees with disabilities in the daily routine. The proportion of employees with severe disabilities working at Fraport is 7.1% percent, thus well exceeding the legally prescribed obligatory 5% rate. All in all, 1,460 seriously disabled people and other persons deemed as such were employed within the Fraport Group in 2011. We have worked out specific measures that grant employees with disabilities the same opportunities as other employees enabling them to develop their capacities and to get promoted to corresponding positions. Besides the fitting-out of a barrier-free workplace we have been providing special educational courses for visually impaired people since 2011; courses for persons with hearing impairments will follow in the course of this year.

For further information, please see Fraport AG’s Integration Agreement.


Demographic Change

In connection with the demographic change Fraport wishes to fully realize the potential of all its employees. The tendency towards an increasingly older society is also reflected in Fraport’s workforce. It is our aim to be well prepared for new age structures.


Sexual Orientation

Employees with a different sexual orientation are being granted the same respect and the same appreciation as all other Fraport personnel. Openness and acceptance of different sexual orientations are part of the diversity at Frankfurt Airport. Nobody should be obliged to conceal his or her sexual identity for fear of discrimination. The acceptance of different concepts of life furthers the motivation of our employees and liberates an enormous achievement potential.

Here you find further information dealing with diversity, especially key figures.