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Fraport’s objective is to offer all employees above-average professional and personal development opportunities. This is a big challenge for a company the size of Fraport with approximately 12,000 employees. There are a multitude of jobs and professions at Frankfurt airport. Consequently, it is important to utilize and enhance the talents and interests of each individual.
Thus Fraport AG has implemented various measures to enable personal development. Existing know-how and qualifications are to be updated to ensure further employment and provide access to new job opportunities.

Fraport Academy

At Fraport AG the Fraport Academy stands for competent development and training of our management. The offered qualification programs focus on the major challenges Fraport AG faces. The Fraport Academy ensures required and specialized training of our managers. Their expertise is not the only factor decisive for the business success of Fraport AG. They will also have a high degree of social responsibility in dealing with subordinates. Once managing Fraport employees our managers must show a high level creativity, honesty, fairness and interest in the individual person he or she is dealing with. This is the only way to establish the conditions to ensure a pleasant working atmosphere and have trustworthy relations between employees.
Important programs at the academy include the curriculum “Going Global” to support the globalization strategy of Fraport and the curriculum “Project Management” with the objective to have a uniform project management culture throughout the entire Fraport Group. The “Change Management” program is also high on the priority list. Managers are trained for the focus on and implementation of changes within the Group. Participants in this program deal with the topics diagnosis, commitment, handling of conflicts and resistance, perception, appreciation and group intervention techniques. Seminars (whole day or half day) are scheduled to deal with our strategic topics which are connected to current events.
Approach is a specific program for new managers at Fraport AG to get better acquainted with company specifics. The new managers will learn about the specific company structure and responsibilities within all divisions.

The objectives of the academy:

• Combination of learning with strategy and business
• Implementation of company strategy
• Increase of the corporate value
• Generation of management networks
• Achievement of objectives via development and implementation of programs which are derived from company objectives and strategies
• Linking of know-how of Fraport specialists with know-how of scientists and experts of other companies
• Implementation of gathered know-how in day to day management


Fraport College

• Ensures a sufficient number of junior employees as part of first vocational training
• Supports training of new employees
• Enhances competency and generates new employee competency to handle current and future work and responsibilities
• Contributes to personal development and satisfaction of employees
• Offers possibilities to improve qualifications to have access to higher job levels
• Makes it possible to get certified job training; in some cases in cooperation with other institutions
• Offers a platform for Group-wide information, communication and discussion Programs

First Qualification / Vocational Training

• According to requirements of the vocational training laws
• At college level in form of a dual training, for example in cooperation with the vocational academy in Mannheim, Germany.


• Training in the sectors business administration, technology, PC/SAP, ground handling services and driver qualification
• Training in the sectors management methods, communication, service and customer orientation, work methods, foreign languages  and inter-cultural studies
• Special events and seminars covering current issues and requirements
• Personal training as part of the Q-card program
• Preparation for certified qualifications (certified aircraft handler, traffic specialist, job-integrated study program)
  Some events and seminars as part of the training program may also be offered to external service-providers.

Development Programs

The development programs include the vocational pool and takeoff pool. In the vocational pool former apprentices with great potential can attain additional qualification immediately following their first training period. The takeoff pool is a one year, Group-wide program for specialists to develop expertise and leadership skills. There is a formal selection procedure for the development programs.