Work-Life Balance


Fraport is aware of the points of friction, which arise when business necessities cannot be coordinated or are hard to coordinate with personal needs. This happens most frequently when dealing with the compatibility of job and family. However, even those without family obligations know how difficult it can often be to meet both personal obligations and the requirements at work.
Therefore, one of our most important goals is the development of new measures and methods, which we can use to avoid such potential conflicts. We are already active in the following areas:

The desire for or the necessity to work and have a family presents a great challenge, particularly for women. However, this issue is increasingly affecting men as well. Wherever possible, we want to support our employees in their attempt to reconcile job with family. A mother, who wants to return to her job after parenting leave, will have a completely different notion of this than a single father with children at school. We try to meet a range of requirements to suit all.

The legal right on parenting leave is an important contribution to the reconciliation of jobs and families. The jobs of young mothers or fathers are retained during this leave. The government provides for a maximum duration of parenting leave of three years. At Fraport, the opportunity exists to extend this period of leave to five years.
Female and family support offers all employees and workers the opportunity to regularly participate in information meetings so that reentry in the job is smooth. Through these seminars, which are always offered together with childcare, parents remain in touch with the company and can thus follow recent developments.