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Investor Relations

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Publication Group Interim Report January 1 to June 30, 2014

Traffic Figures

Upcoming Events

23.09.2014Baader Investment ConferenceMunich
    24.09.2014Berenberg and Goldman Sachs Third German Corporate ConferenceMunich
      01.10.2014 - 02.10.2014Roadshow Scandinavia (Main First)Copenhagen, Helsinki
        13.10.2014Traffic Figures September 2014/ 9M 2014
          15.10.2014Roadshow (Kepler Cheuvreux)Paris
            06.11.2014Group Interim Report January 1 to September 30, 2014Frankfurt
              12.11.2014Traffic Figures October 2014
                13.11.2014Roadshow (Kepler Cheuvreux)London
                  10.12.2014Traffic Figures November 2014

                    Latest Events

                    16.09.2014Roadshow (Barclays)Milan
                    15.09.2014UBS Global Transport, Travel and Leisure Conference 2014London
                      10.09.2014 - 11.09.2014Roadshow USA and Canada (Main First)Montreal, Toronto, Minneapolis, Denver
                      10.09.2014Commerzbank Sector ConferenceFrankfurt
                      10.09.2014Traffic Figures August 2014
                        08.09.2014 - 09.09.2014UBS Best of Germany One on One ConferenceNew York
                        03.09.2014Roadshow (Main First)Munich
                        28.08.2014Roadshow (Main First)London
                        12.08.2014Traffic Figures July 2014
                          10.08.2014 - 14.08.2014Roadshow (UBS)Sydney, Melbourne, HongKong
                          07.08.2014Group Interim Report January 1 to June 30, 2014Frankfurt
                            10.07.2014Traffic Figures June 2014/ 6M 2014
                              01.07.2014Roadshow (Warburg Research GmbH)Zurich
                              23.06.2014 - 26.06.2014Roadshow North America (Deutsche Bank)New York, Toronto, Minneapolis, Chicago
                              12.06.2014Deutsche Bank German, Swiss & Austrian Conference 2014Berlin
                              12.06.2014Traffic Figures May 2014
                                30.05.2014Annual General Meeting 2014Frankfurt-Höchst
                                  30.05.2014Annual General Meeting 2014Frankfurt-Höchst
                                    22.05.2014BoML Retail, Transport & Leisure Conference 2014London
                                    14.05.2014Roadshow (Commerzbank)London
                                    13.05.2014 - 16.05.2014Roadshow (Deutsche Bank)Taipeh und Seoul
                                    13.05.2014Traffic Figures April 2014
                                      08.05.2014Group Interim Report January 1 to March 31, 2014Frankfurt
                                      10.04.2014Natixis German Corporate SeminarParis
                                      10.04.2014Traffic Figures March 2014/ 3M 2014
                                        03.04.2014Bankhaus Lampe DeutschlandkonferenzBaden-Baden
                                        31.03.2014Roadshow (Morgan Stanley)Frankfurt
                                        27.03.2014Annual Report 2013
                                          25.03.2014 - 26.03.2014Roadshow Australia (UBS)Sydney
                                          12.03.2014Traffic Figures February 2014
                                            07.03.2014Preliminary Figures full Year 2013Frankfurt
                                            12.02.2014Traffic Figures January 2014
                                              03.02.2014 - 05.02.2014Roadshow Brazil (UBS)São Paulo/ Rio de Janeiro
                                              29.01.2014Roadshow (Metzler)London
                                              20.01.2014UniCredit Kepler Cheuvreux German Corporate ConferenceFrankfurt
                                              16.01.2014Roadshow (MM Warburg)Edinburgh
                                              15.01.2014Traffic Figures December 2013/ FY2013
                                                14.01.2014 - 15.01.2014Commerzbank German Investment SeminarNew York, USA
                                                10.01.2014Oddo Midcap ForumLyon
                                                11.12.2013Traffic Figures November 2013Frankfurt
                                                  03.12.2013Berenberg European ConferenceBagshot, Surrey
                                                  02.12.2013Annual Goldman Sachs European Industrials ConferenceLondon
                                                  02.12.2013 - 03.12.2013Deutsche Bank German Corporate ConferenceTokyo
                                                  19.11.2013Main First German & Swiss ConferenceParis
                                                  18.11.2013 - 21.11.2013Roadshow (Citi)Singapor & Hong Kong
                                                  12.11.2013Traffic Figures October 2013Frankfurt
                                                    06.11.2013Group Interim Report January 1 to September 30, 2013Frankfurt
                                                    11.10.2013Traffic Figures September 2013/ 9M 2013Frankfurt
                                                      03.10.2013 - 04.10.2013Roadshow (RBC)Canada
                                                      01.10.2013 - 02.10.2013Santander EuroLatam Infrastructure & Utilities ConferenceNew York
                                                      26.09.2013UniCredit German Investment Conference Munich
                                                      25.09.2013Baader Investment ConferenceMunich
                                                      24.09.2013Berenberg and Goldman Sachs Second German Corporate ConferenceMunich
                                                      19.09.2013ESN European ConferenceFrankfurt
                                                      16.09.2013UBS Global Transport and Travel ConferenceLondon
                                                      11.09.2013Traffic Figures August 2013Frankfurt
                                                        11.09.2013 - 13.09.2013Roadshow (MainFirst)USA
                                                        11.09.2013Roadshow (Goldman Sachs)London
                                                        10.09.2013 - 10.09.2013RBC 2013 Global Industrials ConferenceLas Vegas
                                                        29.08.2013Commerzbank Sector Conference Week 2013Frankfurt
                                                        12.08.2013 - 16.08.2013Roadshow (Deutsche Bank)Hong Kong/ Australia
                                                        10.08.2013Traffic Figures July 2013Frankfurt
                                                          07.08.2013Group Interim Report January 1 to June 30, 2013Frankfurt
                                                          10.07.2013Traffic Figures June 2013/ 6M 2013Frankfurt
                                                            04.07.2013Roadshow (MainFirst)Munich
                                                              28.06.2013Roadshow (DZ Bank)Frankfurt
                                                              18.06.2013Macquarie Transport & Infrastructure ConferenceLondon
                                                              12.06.2013Traffic Figures May 2013Frankfurt
                                                                06.06.2013Roadshow (Bankhaus Lampe)Lugano
                                                                05.06.2013Roadshow (MainFirst)London
                                                                04.06.2013 - 05.06.2013Roadshow Scandinavia (MainFirst)Copenhagen, Helsinki
                                                                31.05.2013Annual General Meeting 2013Frankfurt
                                                                22.05.2013Roadshow (Cheuvreux)Paris
                                                                22.05.2013BofA Merrill Transport, Leisure and Retail Conference London
                                                                15.05.2013JP Morgan European 1x1 Investor ConferenceAmsterdam
                                                                14.05.2013Deutsche Bank German, Swiss & Austrian ConfereneFrankfurt
                                                                14.05.2013Traffic Figures April 2013Frankfurt
                                                                  08.05.2013Group Interim Report January 1 to March 31, 2013Frankfurt
                                                                  22.04.2013 - 26.04.2013Roadshow Australia (UBS)Australia
                                                                  11.04.2013Kapitalmarktkonferenz Bankhaus LampeBaden-Baden
                                                                  11.04.2013Traffic Figures March 2013/ 3M 2013Frankfurt
                                                                    27.03.2013Annual Report 2012Frankfurt
                                                                    22.03.2013Roadshow (Bankhaus Lampe)London
                                                                    20.03.2013Roadshow (Barclays Capital)Milano
                                                                    13.03.2013 - 14.03.2013Citi West Coast Institutional Investor SymposiumSan Francisco
                                                                    12.03.2013Analyst and Investor ConferenceFrankfurt
                                                                    12.03.2013Traffic Figures February 2013Frankfurt
                                                                    12.03.2013Preliminary figures full year 2012Frankfurt
                                                                    12.02.2013Traffic Figures January 2013Frankfurt
                                                                    21.01.2013Cheuvreux German Corporate ConferenceFrankfurt
                                                                    15.01.2013Traffic Figures December 2012/ FY 2012Frankfurt
                                                                      14.01.2013 - 16.01.2013Commerzbank German Investment SeminarNew York
                                                                      11.01.2013Oddo Midcap ForumLyon
                                                                      12.12.2012Traffic Figures November 2012Frankfurt
                                                                        03.12.2012 - 04.12.2012JP Morgan Asian Infrastructure Corporate Access DaysHong Kong
                                                                        28.11.2012Roadshow (DZ Bank)Vienna
                                                                        21.11.2012MainFirst Growth Prospects for German Excellence ConferenceParis
                                                                        21.11.2012Roadshow (UBS)Zurich
                                                                        13.11.2012UBS European ConferenceLondon
                                                                        12.11.2012Traffic Figures October 2012Frankfurt
                                                                          09.11.2012Roadshow (Exane BNP Parisbas)Paris
                                                                          08.11.2012Roadshow (Morgan Stanley)London
                                                                          07.11.2012Roadshow (Bankhaus Lampe)Genf
                                                                          06.11.2012Group Interim Report January 1 to September 30, 2012Frankfurt