Investor Relations Strategy

The goal of Fraport AG's IR work is to communicate the Fraport equity story in a well balanced manner to all players in the investment market, independently of their size, investment approach and geographical location.

In 2015, Fraport’s IR activities again focused on proactive communication with investors and analysts. In around 200 one-on-ones, the strategy and the current and expected business development of the Fraport Group were explained to interested parties. The central topics for discussion in 2015 remained the current and expected traffic developments at the company’s sites, planning for the construction of Terminal 3, as well as the development of the free cash flow and dividends. Other issues related to the cost situation in particular in the Aviation and Ground Handling segments, the development of airport charges in Frankfurt, the strategy of Deutsche Lufthansa in its role as the main customer at the Frankfurt site as well as portfolio development, and strategy in the External Activities & Services segment.

For communicating the Fraport equity story, we stress four main aspects: