Stock Program

With their knowledge and commitment, the employees of a service company decisively shape the corporate image as perceived by the customer and thus contribute to the company's success. Therefore, Fraport provides a work environment for its employees that rewards performance, offers individual development opportunities, and allows employees to share the company's profit. In this connection, the employee investment plan constitutes an important element of Fraport's performance and success-related compensation system. Under this program, employees every year have the individual option of purchasing Fraport AG shares at a reduced price instead of receiving a cash benefit. The employee investment plan is also available to employees of various majority-owned Fraport subsidiaries in Germany which have chosen to participate in the plan. The employee investment plan continues to prove very popular.

Since 2001 a total of more than 1.54 million shares at a par value of €10.00 each have been issued to Fraport employees. The Employee investment plan available in the current year includes the choice between a cash bonus of €300 and Fraport shares in the amount of €360. Each employee of participating subsidiaries, also can buy shares in the total amount of up to €360 – depending on the subsidiary.

In 2016 , some 7,409 employees – or 66,04 percent of the eligible employees - took advantage of one of the investment plan models and subscribed to 49,343 new shares at a purchasing price of € 51,40 each.

Fraport AG buys back the share certificates for the employee investment plan, making use of the authorized capital after a capital increase in return for cash contributions, and then passes the share certificates on to its employees.