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You are in the last stages of your degree and would like to know how to put what you are learning into practice? We offer you the opportunity to write your master's theses within the scope of your work on a concrete project within one of our strategic business areas. If accepted, you will receive a monthly payment of € 290. The duration of your contract is restricted to a maximum of six months.

Please note that if you want to apply for a theses project, we can only accept applications via our online application form. This is less costly for you and saves us a great deal of work. Please apply well ahead of time, i.e., at least three months before the desired start of your theses project. With your application, please enclose a tabular resume, copies of your last grade reports, a current transcript from your college or university, and a valid certificate of enrolment. In order to do so, you will have to scan the relevant documents. In this connection, please note that you can only attach documents that have been saved in gif, jpg or pdf format.

You will find all vacancies in our job fair section.

To enable us to arrange with our special departments for adequate assistance your application should indicate your fields of interest and/or briefly describe the topic you propose.

Bachelor/Master Thesis

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