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Company sports
Those who want to be active in sports can find a widespread range of offers. Fun and participation are what count in the company sports associations. Apart from that, numerous Fraport company sports groups participate in competitions, organized by the Hesse Company Sports Association.
Our employees can participate in a total of 19 different types of sports. Those interested in health sports can also find numerous offers for aerobic and health exercises.

The fitness center at Frankfurt Airport, recently opened, offers state-of-the-art sports equipment, qualified fitness trainers and a place for relaxation. The flexible opening times enable individualized training before or after work. Experienced trainers provide you with an introduction to the modern fitness equipment with more than 40 fitness machines. A well-equipped cardio area supplements the offer, which is rendered even more interesting thanks to modern TV and video equipment in the training rooms. A wide range of courses offers group training to suit everyone, at attractive times and with professional instruction. Following the training, a cozy bistro area is available and serves as a communication point for Fitpoint users. A newly designed sanitary area completes the offer.


Study leave

In conjunction with the five days of study leave scheduled by the Hesse Study Leave Act per calendar year, Fraport employees can request a further five days study leave.

Compared to the legally regulated study leave, the additional study leave granted by Fraport is subject to minor restrictions. It can be granted for workplace-related professional training, language courses, seminars offered by the internal educational center, preparation for or the sitting of exams.

Employees/Workers can initially claim study leave once they have been employed for a period of six months. Those wanting to take study leave should apply for their release six weeks prior to the training course, together with the necessary documentation.
Interesting seminars for which study leave can be requested can also be found in the Q-Card program.



The JobTicket enables you to use all RMV (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund) public transport. It is valid in the basic fare zone Frankfurt and the fare zone of your place of residence. You can obtain the Ticket from your human resources officer. The JobTicket is not transferable, but can also be used for personal purposes.


Company library

Use of the Fraport company library is also free of charge. You will find all types of literature, for adults and for kids, guidebooks, travel videos, magazines, brochures and much more. The opening times are flexible and are oriented on your requirements.


Free parking on the company premises

Fraport also offers free parking on the company premises. In addition to multi-story car parks, parking is also available at ground level. Access permits are available from the park token office.


Staff gas station

Many employees drive long distances to work. It is good to know that the Fraport staff gas station is open 24 hours a day, every day, offering brand name gas at reasonable prices.


Staff Provident Fund

New reading glasses, a blood glucose meter and dental treatment – you can request assistance for these and other needs from the Staff Provident Fund. And this does not only apply to employees and workers of Fraport, but also to their spouses and children, if necessary.


Company-subsidized housing

Are you looking for accommodation? Fraport has contributed financially in the construction of housing in the proximity of the airport (“company subsidized housing”) and purchased so-called occupation rights.


Visitors’ Terrace

The observation deck at Frankfurt Airport has been attracting visitors for decades. Access to the deck is free of charge for employees, naturally. And, this also applies to their families.


Travel agency

Fraport AG’s travel agency not only provides offers from well-known tour operators, it often provides exclusive offers to employees for air travel (with or without accommodation) at particularly favorable prices. Several airlines also offer discounts to Fraport staff.


Deferred compensation

Deferred compensation is the payment of part of your income by the employer into a pension insurance fund. The great number of persons insured enables “bulk discounts” in respect of company pension provisions, i.e., company pension offers are more favorably priced compared to private offers.
The Retirement Savings Act has resulted in the reduction of benefits paid by the statutory pension insurance funds (Deutsche Rentenversicherung), while personal provisions and company old-age pensions are being subsidized to develop supplementary pension provisions. Employees and workers since have a right to a company pension through deferred compensation. Employees determine an amount of their gross salary or wage, which is to form a contribution to the company pension. The employer transfers this amount to the respective pension fund.
The state subsidizes this employee-financed age pension through taxes and contributions not being applied. If this were privately financed, this insurance contribution would have to be transferred in full from the employee’s net income.
Fraport offers deferred compensation through the Kommunale Dienstleistungszentrum (KDZ) - Zusatzversorgungskasse für Gemeinden und Gemeindeverbände in Wiesbaden (ZVK) - and through Allianz Pensionskasse.

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