Economic Enhancement

We consider “economic enhancement” to mean the continuous increase of our company’s value and the safeguarding and improvement of profitability while maintaining a financial balance. The goal of economic enhancement is to achieve profitable growth and the long-term generation of a positive value added in all business areas. As such, we manage the Group’s development according to the principles of value management. The key figure for this is the Fraport value added.* We use retained earnings as the basis for future capital expenditure and to further increase the company’s value.

(*Fraport value added means the difference between EBIT and capital costs (= Fraport assets × cost of capital). As of the beginning of fiscal year 2015, pre-tax results and the carrying amounts of Group-companies accounted for using the equity method have been added to EBIT and Fraport assets. In this way, Fraport takes account of both consolidated companies and companies accounted for using the equity method in value management.)

For further information on the following topics, please consult the “2016 Compact” report.

Continuous improvement of our services, reflected by a high level of customer satisfaction. Safeguarding of the Frankfurt hub function and preservation of the Group’s competitiveness.

The customer is our top priority. This is also reflected by our new mission statement, “Gute Reise! We make it happen”. We consider passengers, airlines, the freight community and the retail concessionaires to be our main customers, and we intend to win them over through attractive offers and the best service. Tenants find Fraport AG’s sites are an optimal environment for their business. We cooperate closely with the authorities, especially in terms of security.

Online shopping on the plane

The multichannel strategy has systematically been further developed since the comprehensive redesign of the Frankfurt Airport website and app in the previous year. The purpose of this is to ensure that passengers and customers are offered an optimal shopping experience at all times during their trip. In selected lounges, travelers can shop at the airport shops via iPad or their own cellphone and the products are delivered to the lounge within half an hour. The pilot phase of the project ended successfully in 2016, and implementation into regular operation is planned for 2017.


82 % passenger satisfaction

With the “Great to have you here!” service initiative launched in 2010, passenger satisfaction at Frankfurt Airport in terms of quality and service has increased over the last six years from 70 % to 82 %. In five sub-initiatives, directions and signposting, ambiance and comfort in the terminal, and the range of relaxation, working, and entertainment options on offer were all significantly improved.

Even employees who are not in daily contact with passengers contribute to the airport’s positive image. In the year under review, over 1,000 of them have been trained as “service ambassadors” already. Whether they are on their way to appointments or staying in the terminal after finishing work, they are always available to talk to passengers and will gladly provide assistance.


Joint marketing

Our Customer Service Center offers our airline customers a direct point of contact for operational problems and a source of advance information for building works or operational changes. Fraport also supports and advises airlines on their strategic planning in relation to the FRA hub. In addition to joint marketing activities, passenger and VIP services in particular will be adapted to the specific needs of the countries.


Good grades for FRA as a cargo site

A customer satisfaction analysis was carried out for the cargo sector in 2016 for the first time in several years. In the customer barometer for cargo, in which more than 90 FRA- based airlines, general sales agents, freight forwarders and cargo handlers were consulted, around 70 % of the customers were satisfied or very satisfied with the site and would recommend it to others.

The airport’s “FAIR@Link” cargo community system, launched in 2015, is one of the most comprehensive IT systems in the world. The data platform allows users to exchange relevant shipment data between companies. Freight forwarders, cargo handlers, and customs are also connected to the system. This causes simplified interfaces and improved processes.