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Winfried Hartmann

Winfried Hartmann

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Frankfurt Airport’s Runway Northwest opened on October 21, 2011.

The 2,800-meter long runway allows for parallel takeoff and landing operations and will incrementally raise FRA's coordinated runway capacity from just 90 to 126 movements per hour. This capacity increase enables FRA to meet the growing demand from passengers and airlines.

Two taxiways, which cross over the ICE high speed train tracks, Autobahn A3 and the airport ring road, ensure the connection to the existing flight operation areas of Frankfurt Airport. The taxiing bridge East 1 is over 200 meters long in its axis and up to 220 meters wide.

The runway for aircraft landings operates during all weather conditions so that approaches according to ILS category IIIb are possible.

Despite this significant expansion of the traffic volume, we do everything we can to minimize the associated burdens on people and the environment. As the airport operator, we are committed to active noise abatement aimed at reducing noise nuisance for our neighbors.

Based on the Aircraft Noise Abatement Act, the state government of Hessen has also issued a Noise Abatement Zone Order for Frankfurt Airport. This establishes the noise abatement zones for a new passive noise abatement program (German version only).

In addition, the "Casa Program" was being carried out until 2014. This program offered real estate owners exposed to additional nuisance through low-flying aircraft because of the operation of the northwest runway financial compensation on a voluntary basis through purchase of the property or settlement payments.

In addition, the “Planfeststellungsverfahren” (PFV), a public works planning procedure under civil law, looked at the environmental compatibility among other things. The outcome of that procedure can be found in the public works procedure decision, which was issued on 18 December 2007 by the Ministry for Industry, Transport and State Development of the State of Hessen. Interested airlines should not hesitate to contact our Sales Team: