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Fraport is internationally one of the leading companies in the airport business and, with Frankfurt Airport, operates one of the world’s most important aviation hubs. Over 81,000 people are employed at a total of around 500 companies and institutions, and 21,000 of these alone work for Fraport. As an active partner for the region, we support sports, social, and cultural clubs and institutions. In addition, Fraport has always been committed to contributing to reducing aircraft noise pollution. We are continuously attempting to reduce noise pollution through active and passive noise abatement measures.

Positive contribution to the economic development in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Region. Charitable involvement in the neighborhood of the airport and dialog with our stakeholders.

Airports are important business locations and contribute directly and indirectly to economic and social value generation. Frankfurt Airport, for example, with more than 81,000 employees and around 500 companies, is the largest regional place of work in Germany. Additional employment effects are also created in companies that are appointed by Fraport for the maintenance and expansion of airport infrastructures. The approximately 5.5 million people who live in the metropolitan area around the airport also benefit from this.

The hub function also makes the airport attractive as a cargo transfer location. Around half the annual figure of over 2 million metric tons of cargo is transported in the “belly” of passenger planes. Shippers of cargo use the large range of connections at Frankfurt Airport to transport their goods quickly to their destination. FRA therefore also ranks among the world’s most important sites for air freight and is number one in Europe. This benefits the export-oriented German economy, which needs the connection to other markets.

Contribution to economic development

In addition to Frankfurt, the group members around our international sites also benefit from social value generation. The company’s direct value generation includes payments for personnel, capital expenditure, tax, interest, and dividends to its shareholders. In the past fiscal year, the Group’s direct value generation totaled more than €2.7 billion. Consumption by our employees and the companies based at the airport and their value creation indirectly contribute to the positive economic develop- ment of the respective regions.


Committed to the region

At the Frankfurt site, Fraport feels particularly committed to the Rhine-Main region. We are committed to the business location and the metropolitan area. These activities include participation in the economic initiative “Wirtschaftsinitiative FrankfurtRheinMain”, in which 150 companies are involved.

In addition to our commitment to the business location, in line with our motto “Active for the Region”, we are known for our com- munity, cultural and social engagement. We supported more than 1,600 projects of different clubs and associations with donations or sponsorship involvement amounting to a total of €5.2 million in 2015.


Foundations and environmental funds

Regional training projects have been supported from company funds as of 1980. In order to place these activities on a permanently secure financial basis, the “ProRegion Foundation” was established in July 1999. With income from its foundation assets of €6.1 million, it primarily supports projects, institutions, and facilities that improve the training prospects and employability of young people in the Rhine-Main region. Further funds are used to create new and retain existing training places and to equip training centers. In 2015, the Foundation approved a total of €574,000 for 38 projects.

Another foundation was established in 1986 on the initiative of the Chairman of the Executive Board at that time, Erich Becker, under the name of “Frankfurt Main Airport Foundation”, and in 2004 it was renamed in his honor as the “Erich Becker Foundation”. The purpose of the foundation is to support science and research on the topics of aviation , mobility, and logistics. The stable income from the endowed capital of €1.5 million is used by the foundation to finance undergraduate, master’s and doctoral theses, post-doctoral research, and other projects. Funds of more than €3 million have been approved for this as of 1988.

With the sponsorship of RhineMain Regional Park, Fraport is making a contribution to creating a recreation and adventure area in the middle of a metropolitan area. One by one over a number of years, a network of paths has been created that connects landscapes, historical gardens, monuments of industrial culture, and parks with each other and thus increases the region’s recreational value. In this local recreation area, visitors can explore Frankfurt and its surroundings on foot or by bicycle. The RhineMain Regional Park is funded by resources from the environmental fund which Fraport has used to support nature and environmental conservation projects, research, and environmental education projects as of 1997. Since the environmental fund was established, more than 900 projects have been funded with a total of almost €36 million.


#Refugeeswelcome: Fraport helps

The number of refugees seeking asylum in Germany is high. The refugee topic is one of the dominant themes of political and sociopolitical discussion. Fraport has therefore decided to set an example of solidarity with people seeking protection. The aim is both to make its own contribution and to support employees who are already active. The activities are bundled under the motto “#Refugeeswelcome: Fraport helps”. In various towns and cities in the neighborhood of the airport, Fraport is supporting the provision of accommodation and donates money for technical equipment and for the care of refugees. Employees who volunteer in the field of refugee aid were each able to apply for a donation of €1,000 for their association. In total, Fraport made donations of €80,000 available for this particular purpose in the reporting year.


Employee Commitment

Many of our employees - including those working at our international Group airports - have been making valuable contributions to charities. The commitments range from collecting donations to activities in local citizens' groups and organizations. Fraport supports its employees in their commitment, be it by transporting collected relief goods or by adding to donations.

Particularly noteworthy is the dedication of former Fraport employee Mr. Helmut Hoffmann at Frankfurt Airport. For many years he has been visiting children’s homes in Hungary and Romania to offer on-site assistance. A long-standing tradition is the yearly collection campaign for Christmas gifts: Fraport employees pack gifts for children in orphanages, institutions for handicapped persons and families in need in Romania and Hungary. All in all, 5,430 packages were prepared, not least thanks to the participation of employees of renowned radio and TV stations (including Hessischer Rundfunk, ZDF and 3Sat), the Kaltenhof sheltered-employment company, some daycare centers as well as schools in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Region. Mr. Hofmann brought the Christmas gifts to the children in several trips. Fraport bore the gasoline costs and provided some of the vehicles. On some of his tours, Mr. Hofmann was accompanied by other employees of the Fraport Group, among them also Executive Board members. In addition, he organizes a yearly festival, alternating in Hungary and Romania, for up to 400 children. This festival is sponsored by the Executive Board, executives and employees of the Fraport Group. Some 15 Fraport employees accompany him to support the festivities. In 2016, this festival was already held for the sixth time.