Keyvisual Beschäftigung

Against the background of growing challenges, such as international competition in the aviation industry and the expectations of our passengers and airlines combined with an ongoing focus on the result, the aim is to support the personal, specialist, social and, methodological abilities of our employees. In this way, we can ensure the high quality of our services and also secure long-term, attractive jobs.

Protection of jobs across the Group and provision of a working environment that is characterized by diversity, equal opportunities, fairness and respect. Creating good labor conditions and development opportunities to recruit, qualify and retain dedicated personnel.

Well-trained employees are required in a specialized field such as managing and operating an airport. We therefore provide a wide range of ongoing training opportunities for our employees.

To source specialists, Fraport also relies on the company’s own young employees. We offer apprenticeships in 19 commercial and technical areas, such as IT, mechatronics, and facility cleaning services. There are also eight dual-study courses, including industrial engineering and aviation management. Fraport guarantees each apprentice a job for one year. Our apprentices regularly obtain the best marks at the exams of the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce. The percentage who do not finish remains extremely low. To open up better opportunities for unemployed young people, we initiated the “Youth Mobile” program in 1999 with the support of the German Federal Employment Agency. The aim is to integrate young unemployed men aged between 18 and 24 into the world of work. Our second project in this area, “Ready for take-off”, which was created in 2012, aimed to prepare in an eight-month training program up to 14 young people per year who did not yet fulfill the requirements for direct entry to an apprenticeship. If personally and technically suitable, the successful participants will then start a technical apprenticeship.

Advantage of diversity

The international nature of our business has meant that daily life at Fraport has always been characterized by diversity. We see the different cultural backgrounds, experiences, and language skills of our employees as an opportunity to respond flexibly and creatively to the changing requirements in international markets and to benefit from them. With our diversity management we therefore promote the building of mixed, diverse teams in a targeted way, amongst other efforts. Ensuring equal opportunities for different groups of employees is essential for this. As far back as 2007, we became involved with the “Diversity charter” – a company initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. This involves recognizing and valuing diversity as well as including it in the corporate culture.

In terms of diversity management, at the Frankfurt site Fraport is particularly focusing on encouraging women into management positions. By 2021 we want to increase the share at Frankfurt site to between 25 and 35 %, differentiated by business, service, and central sections.


Combine parenting and work flexibly

We offer our employees comprehensive sup- port and options to create a balance between work and family. As far as possible, our employees can arrange flexible working hours. We also provide support for families in the organization of childcare. Near the airport, Fraport has a quota for crèche and nursery places held for employees’ children. Through our cooperation with “Fluggi-Land”, a childcare institution initiated by Fraport in 2003 and set up jointly with Lufthansa, we give employees access, if required, to low-cost and flexible childcare.


Constantly improve employee satisfaction

With the Fraport Barometer, we use an online survey to collect such information as employee satisfaction within the Group. In 2015, the grade improved to 2.85** (2014: 2.89; index value using German school grade system). Fraport aims to constantly improve employee satisfaction. Both company-wide activities and department-specific initiatives and the evaluation of these aim to contribute to this.

The average grade for employee satisfaction in the parent company was significantly better in the past fiscal year at 2.78 than in the previous year (2014: 3.14). The results improved for all key issues, where satisfaction with the “technical ability of managers” was the highest. The response rate was 60 % and therefore slightly higher than the previous year’s figure of 59 %.

** Value excluding the Group companies Lima Airport Partners S.R.L. and Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD, whose satisfaction values were not available by the editorial deadline.