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Sustainability Strategy and Program


Since sustainability has already been established as one of our core corporate principles with the Agenda 2015, we summarized our objectives and the measures that have been taken to achieve those goals for the first time in a sustainability program 2010.

Indicators and Facts

Diversity Indicators

You can find an overview of our most important key facts concerning finance, personell, environment, the GRI Index and much more under the following link.


Airport Carbon Accreditation

Frankfurt Airport and Fraport AG have received numerous national and international awards over recent years. For us this represents both an incentive and an obligation to extend and optimize our high quality range of services both at Frankfurt and at other airports throughout the world.

UN Global Compact

Global Compact

Since 2007, Fraport has been committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact. We are working continuously on integrating the internationally acknowledged standards and principles in the areas of human rights, work, environmental protection and combating corruption.

TÜV certified Management System


Fraport disposes of a number of management systems necessary for the arrangement of a responsible management control in the business processes.