Strategy, Objectives and Organization

Strategie Ziele 2015

“Ensuring environmental sustainability“ is part of the Fraport Group’s fundamental principles.

Organization since 2014

The “Corporate Development, Environment & Sustainability (UEW)” Central Unit is responsible for developing Fraport’s materiality matrix and sustainability strategy. The sustainability reporting – after having been integrated into financial reporting – is performed by the “Finance & Investor Relations (FIR)” unit.

The Group’s materiality matrix shows Fraport’s emphasis on organizational sustainability efforts that not only covers ecological, but also corporate and social aspects. Its contents and their prioritization were yielded from a survey among Fraport stakeholders.


Fraport has defined six sustainability dimensions: Customers, employees, environment, community, noise abatement and our international airports. Assigned to these dimensions are eleven areas of activity that are positioned in the matrix according to their significance. Fraport has set targets for each individual area and included them, together with the measures defined, in a sustainability program. The recent program can be found in our “2014 Compact – Fraport. Finances. Sustainability” Business Report.


History and milestones

2010 Development based on the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and in dialog with the Company’s most significant stakeholder groups. Definition of targets and measures for the six top-priority areas of activity.
2011 Definition of targets and measures for all other areas of activity.
2012 Update following an internal evaluation process.
2013 Update following consultation with the Executive Board, the heads of the Company’s business, service and central units as well as representatives of important stakeholders.
2014 Verification of current relevance and confirmation of applicability.