National associations:

BDL (Federal Association of German Air Traffic Industry)
The BDL is an industry association representing the interests of the entire aviation sector, i.e. airports, airlines, air traffic control, manufacturers, service providers (see list on BDL website).

ADV (German Airports Association)
The ADV, founded in 1947, is a national civil aviation association and represents the interests of its members. The ADV also cooperates closely with airports in Austria and Switzerland. The ADV campaigns for competitive air travel and modern, efficient airports in Germany.

BTW (German Tourism Industry)
The German Tourism Industry (BTW) is an umbrella organization representing the common interests and requirements of this industry. The tourism industry is an extremely heterogeneous, yet strong sector, providing close to three million jobs in Germany and contributing 4.4 percent of Germany’s gross value.

Deutsches Verkehrsforum (DVF)
The Deutsches Verkehrsforum (German Transport Forum) is Europe’s only industry association that embraces all modes of transport. Its mission is promoting a highly functional, customer-focused, sustainable integrated transport system. The DVF represents the interests of the German transport sector to the media, the public, and policymakers in Brussels and Berlin.