Professional Ground Handling Training

Our specialists offer an extensive program of training – worldwide.

Performing ground handling services and shipping dangerous goods by air are challenging activities that involve safety aspects. Ground handling employees working at the airport and the forwarding agents and logistics specialists involved in the airfreight business have to be trained in accordance with ICAO TI/IATA DGR standards.

Fraport’s specialists offer a number of specialist training programs worldwide. The range of professional training services includes:

  • Training for handling dangerous goods accredited by the German Federal Aviation Office (all personnel categories 1–12)
  • Accredited certificate courses including LH QLP training to become a loading supervisor and ramp agent, LH Cargo advanced pallet courses (BUP) and training to become a LH Cargo coworker
  • A wide range of specialist courses on topics including loading policy, loading safety, custom inspections/customs documentation, AWB preparation, SITA telex traffic, freight rates, load and trim sheets

We offer standard and custom-designed training either at Frankfurt Airport or at your premises.


Manfred Hahn

Dangerous Goods training

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Georg Rühr

Load service training

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Peter Kreß

Freight service training

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Jörn Stark

Dangerous Goods/Baggage service training

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Gabriel Schadt

Load service training

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