Air Cargo Community Frankfurt e.V. - Change at the top of the management

The community starts into 2019 with an important change at its top. Harald Gloy (Lufthansa Cargo AG) is the new Chairman of the Board of the registered association since February 1st.


Frankfurt, 05. Februar 2019 --- Board members unanimously entrusted the 46-year-old Lufthansa manager at the first meeting of the year last Friday. He succeeds Soeren Stark, who joined the Lufthansa Technik Executive Board in Hamburg at the beginning of the year. "I am very much looking forward to working with Harald Gloy and his impulses for our work", emphasises Community Executive Director Joachim von Winning. "In addition to his professional expertise, he also has significant experience in working in aviation industry associations." Harald Gloy has been appointed with responsibility for Operations. During his last job at Lufthansa Technik AG, he was a member of the board of Hamburg Aviation e.V. and member of the supervisory board of the Center for Applied Aerospace Research in Hamburg. His experience to see beyond the horizon is intended to further advance the work of the Frankfurt airfreight advocates. This year, two focal points will be most important for the community. First, the support of members with impulses for the recruiting of skilled workers and the profiling of employer brands in Frankfurt. Second, the community sees digitisation with its manifold challenges as engine for the airfreight of the future, for faster and verifiable processes. To this end, the community plans to establish an Air Cargo Digitisation Catalyst (ACDC) in spring, a platform for members to exchange ideas on the subject of digitisation. That's what makes up the community idea: it thrives on the commitment of its members. These define interfaces for cooperation and pool their resources for the implementation of innovations, for solutions that are not just drops in the ocean.


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