Anniversary at AirBridgeCargo

Having already been a fixture at Frankfurt Airport for the past twelve years, the Russian airline AirBridgeCargo is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Fraport AG and AirBridgeCargo took the opportunity to celebrate their successful cooperation by inviting guests to an anniversary party at the DaVinci House with good food and live music.

AirBridgeCargo commenced activities at Frankfurt Airport in 2007 with a small team of 21 people and four flights a week. Twelve years on, it is now the second-largest cargo carrier at FRA, with more than 20 aircraft movements every week. The volume of cargo handled has increased more than eightfold since 2007, from 20,000 to 170,000 metric tons, and now accounts for around 10% of the total volume handled at FRA. 93 employees work for the Russian company at Frankfurt Airport.

The name of the airline speaks for itself. AirBridgeCargo forms a bridge between Frankfurt and key cargo destinations like Chicago, Moscow, and Milan, to name just a few. The freight transported ranges from oversized machine parts that have to be nose-loaded to pharmaceutical products and exotic animals like tigers and even walruses.