Digital License Plate Recognition System planned

The CargoCities at Frankfurt Airport can be entered via airport access gates Tor 26 to the north and Tor 31 and Tor 32 to the south. They are generally classified as operational areas. At present, visitors have to register either at the manned visitor registration desk or using the self-service terminals to obtain a keycard for one-off access. Their first name, surname, gender, date of birth, current place of residence, address, and vehicle license plate are recorded.

As the number of times that cars and trucks access these areas has risen steadily in recent years, steps are now being taken to streamline the registration process and speed up vehicle entry. Instead of being issued keycards by security staff, visitors who do not hold a vehicle access permit or airport ID card will have to self-register, preferably before beginning their journey. They can do this via a web portal or using self-service terminals at the airport access gates. Most of the details previously required will no longer be necessary. Only the visitor’s first name, surname and vehicle license plate will be recorded. Cameras at specially equipped and marked lanes at the respective airport access gates will then recognize the license plate and automatically grant access to the operational area.

The truck arrivals recorded in FAIR@Link will be automatically transferred to the new digital visitor registration system and no longer need to be entered separately. In the pilot phase, the new system will initially be tested on two lanes at Tor 32 at CargoCity South in the coming year.