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Annual customer satisfaction survey identifies potential improvements


To identify our customers’ requirements at Frankfurt Airport, in 2018 we once again conducted our annual ‘Cargo customer barometer’ satisfaction survey. We surveyed a total of 34 airlines, 52 freight forwarders and 11 cargo handlers. Whereas the satisfaction levels of airlines remained largely the same as in the previous year and the satisfaction of cargo handlers actually increased, there was a deterioration in satisfaction levels for freight forwarders. As a result, overall satisfaction fell in comparison with 2017.

Frankfurt Airport enjoyed a high level of overall satisfaction for the processing of special products. We believe that this field is particularly important, and we are hoping to continue moving forward there this year. In 2018, for example, we helped develop and implement the INFr8 platform in order to optimize processes, and this enabled our
airport to handle the first shipment of dangerous goods with an electronic dangerous goods declaration.

On the other hand, satisfaction with standard cargo processes fell. Respondents expressed their dissatisfaction about both speed and reliability here. The biggest criticisms regarded long standing and waiting times on the ground, a circumstance that is attributable in no small part to the handling bottlenecks suffered by our operational FRA
partners in CargoCity South in late 2017.

In response to these bottlenecks, we joined forces with LUG, FCS and SLV (Speditions- und Logistikverband Hessen/Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.) to develop solutions. These efforts succeeded in defining a standard time-slot-based process for door deliveries aimed at optimizing the process of picking up and delivering cargo shipments. Now, door slots
are assigned using the new (optional) ‘Rampensteuerungssystem’ (Door Management System) appilcation from FAIR@Link, and there has already been a positive impact: the number of companies registered with FAIR@Link has grown from 130 to more than 500, and after just one month, slots were booked with participating handling agents for 78 percent of transports.

Expansion of the infrastructure in CargoCity South is another area of contention. In order to remain competitive against other cargo hubs, our infrastructure must be ready for the future and satisfy your requirements. That is why we are investing in a second truck parking lot in CargoCity South. We have also begun preparatory work for a new Zeppelinheim motorway interchange. The expansion is required for the future connections of Terminal 3 and CargoCity South. Furthermore, we have been working with the FraSec security firm to provide infrastructure for the REST process (Remote Explosives Scent Tracing) that allows entire truckloads to be inspected by trained bomb-sniffing
dogs using air samples. Use of this innovative method in Germany will allow airfreight to be checked more quickly, reliably and cost-effectively in the future.

On numerous occasions we have been asked to expand the range of food services available in CargoCity South. In spite of difficult conditions resulting from insufficient daily demand, we have been conducting talks with possible operators on a regular basis. However, these operators are finding it very difficult to come up with a profitable business model. That is why we are especially pleased to announce the opening of a new Scoom branch in CargoCity South.

We would like to thank you for your support, and we look forward to hearing what you have to say in the next ‘Cargo customer barometer’ satisfaction survey.