General Information

You may use your personal Airport ID Card as a cafeteria card in the canteens of Airport Cater Service GmbH. No cards need to be swapped for that. Yet, also in this case, you are not allowed to transfer your Airport ID Card to third persons. New ID Cards can be used in the canteen from the next day onwards. If you have any questions, please contact the ACS Airport Cater Service GmbH (069/690 71028).  

Please always use our updated application forms in accordance with the valid edition of our Identification and Access Regulations which you find on our website. Always fill them out digitally before signing them and sending them to us. We can only accept these documents if presented in the valid edition and filled in completely. Only digitally completed applications can be accepted.

The German Aviation Security Act (LuftSiG), the German Air Traffic Licensing Act (LuftVZO) and the EU Air Traffic Regulations require Fraport AG to safeguard the airport premises. Fraport’s Identification Regulations contain a description of the identification system prevailing at Frankfurt Airport as well as its corresponding requirements for access by foot or vehicle.

Zehn Regeln zum Flughafenausweis

1. Ausweis rechtzeitig vor Ablauf der Gültigkeit verlängern lassen, beziehungsweise zurückgeben, wenn keine Tätigkeit mehr am Flughafen besteht. Alle Ausweise sind Eigentum der Fraport AG.

2. Ausweise dürfen nicht verfälscht werden (zum Beispiel durch Abändern/Bekleben). Bei Änderung des äußeren Erscheinungsbildes: Neuer Ausweis.

3. Ausweis ist nicht übertragbar, darf nicht an Dritte weitergegeben werden.

4. Flughafenausweis offen und sichtbar an der Oberbekleidung tragen. Fahrzeugausweis sichtbar im verschlossenen Fahrzeug auslegen.

5. Ausweis muss auf Verlangen den kontrollberechtigten Personen vorgezeigt werden.

6. Bei Beschädigungen kostenlos und schnell im Servicecenter Flughafenausweise (SCF) auswechseln lassen.

7. Gegen Diebstahl, Verlust und unbefugte Nutzung sichern.

8. Bei Verlust: unverzüglich sperren unter Telefon 069 690-22222.

9. Ausweisnutzung nur mit einem legitimen Grund und im dienstlichen Zusammenhang.

10. Bei Nutzung keinen unbefugten Personen Zutritt gewähren.

A new version will be available at the end of May 2020

Due to legal requirements, the red vehicle ID cards will be successively replaced by a new generation at the end of May. The new vehicle ID card, which will be significantly smaller in the future, must be firmly secured to the vehicle. Vehicles with a windshield will receive an ID card that resembles a vignette, and it must be attached to the inside of the window. Vehicles without a windscreen, such as Pallet transporters, will get a vehicle ID that is to be attached directly to the frame. Furthermore, the ID card’s validity will be extended from 12 to 36 months to now five years.

Must all (red) vehicle ID cards be replaced starting May?

No, the rollout will be gradually implemented, and your current vehicle ID card is valid until it expires. The Airport ID Service Center (SCF) will issue you the new version when you apply for a new card. When you come pick up your new ID at the SCF, you will also receive instructions regarding how to properly attach your new card to your vehicle.

How can I enter controlled areas in the future?

For a passage through gate barrier systems in the operating or apron area of the Airport, you will receive a green vehicle ID card in addition to the vignette. This allows you to open the barrier systems.

What else will change?

Billing for the new vehicle ID cards will be calculated annually. Accordingly, the use of the vehicle ID card is calculated on an annual basis.