FRA Cargo Team

We – the FRA Cargo Team – are your first point of contact for all cargo and logistics matters at Fraport AG. As the owners and developers of Frankfurt Airport, our objective is to provide you with the best possible conditions at FRA. We collaborate with our operating partners on site to deliver continuous improvements to infrastructure and processes. Currently we are focusing our efforts on digitalization. We are continually working with you to develop new products and capabilities that make your work easier and that accelerate processes.

By working unceasingly to further develop our cargo and logistics areas, we are ensuring cargo growth in Frankfurt. In addition, we undertake ongoing efforts to survey and assess areas for expansion. To optimally market FRA and gain new partners, we attend and organize shipper forums and other events worldwide, and we work with our customers to represent FRA at trade fairs and congresses around the globe.

In all of our activities, there is one aspect that is always in focus: working with you as part of a strong team to move FRA forward. With this in mind, we would like to inform you that your feedback is our incentive to continuously improve. That is because it is only by knowing what you want and expect that we are able to develop and improve the infrastructure and services at FRA, while also refining the role of the FRA Cargo Team, to better serve your interests.


Contact us:


Max Conrady

Senior Vice President Cargo
Cargo & Logistics Infrastructure Development

Frankfurt Airport
60549 Frankfurt/Main

Max Conrady