We provide and operate the central ground handling infrastructure at Frankfurt Airport. The facilities and services of the central ground handling infrastructure are the essential part of the hub-operation at Frankfurt and provide the foundation for reliable and punctual handling services.

  • Central baggage transportation system for outbound and transfer baggage
  • Gate baggage facilities for outbound baggage
  • Bulky baggage facilities
  • Central baggage facilities for inbound baggage
  • Central de-icing facilities
  • Central baggage security facilities
  • Passenger bridges including mobile air steps as replacements in the event of failure
  • 400 Hz power supply (including mobile backup device)
  • Fresh water supply and toilet servicing facilities
  • CUTE-Network
  • Central facilities of the hydrant operating company HBG to provide aircraft fuel
  • Customs baggage warehouse
  • Baggage error lane, rush and re-booking processing and baggage tracing

Here you can find the current price list of charges for ground handling service infrastructure facilities.