Traffic Management

In the Aviation Airside area, Fraport takes care of safe and efficient operations on the aircraft movement areas to meet its customers' needs. This includes:

  • Guidance of aircraft on apron
  • Towing, marshalling, parking and securing of aircraft, helicopters and pushback tractors
  • Planning and assignment of aircraft handling positions and gates
  • Gathering and processing of all relevant scheduling, operational and status data
  • Coordination of ice and snow clearance
  • Coordination and approval of construction and maintenance work on the aircraft movement areas (e.g. runway repairs)
  • Conducting and monitoring airside operations maintaining operational safety and ensuring proper operations at Frankfurt Airport in compliance with Article 45 of the German Air Navigation Certification Order (LuftVZO)
  • Aircraft accident investigations in compliance with Article 4 ($) Clause 2 of the German investigation law (FIUUG) on behalf of the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BFU)

Handling aircraft taxying traffic requires close cooperation with the control tower of the German Air Traffic Control Service Deutschen Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS) to coordinate air traffic during the transitions between the respective control zones and to permit rapid and effective action in the event of emergencies.

The staff is supported in its work by a large number of technical systems to ensure smooth operations. For example:

  • The FDPS (Flight Data Processing System) supplies the staff in Central Apron Control with all the flight plan data they need.
  • ACCS (Apron Control Communication System) secures radio connections and
  • RMS (Ressource Management System) is used to plan and assign aircraft parking positions and gates.
  • Areas of the apron that are difficult to see can be controlled with the help of cameras.
  • The employees of Apron Control receive the data on landings and aircraft towing operations via the FOGS system (Follow-Me Guidance Support).
  • FAST MS is an intelligent system, that supports apron controllers in efficiently handling high volumes of ground traffic.