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Fraport AG - Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide

ID Card Services (SCF)
60547 Frankfurt am Main

Opening hours:
Mon. through Thurs.: 7.00 AM till 3.30 PM
Fri.: 7.00 AM till 11.30 AM

Opening Hours Branch Office (Terminal 1):
Mon. 7.30 AM till 12 PM
Fri. 7.30 AM till 11:30 AM

Phone: +49 69 690-71110
Fax: +49 69 690-29571

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Whoever is operating or doing business at Frankfurt Airport requires an authorization for the access by foot or vehicle to specific airport areas as well as one or more Vehicle ID Cards, as the case may be.

The ID Card Services grant authorizations by means of an Airport ID Card. Employees cannot apply for Airport ID Cards themselves; ID Cards are issued on the request of the employer on behalf of its workforce.

The most important rules for holders of Airport ID Cards can be seen in the diagram on the right.

Please note that these are simply an extract from Fraport's ID Regulations.

Do you want to view the current handling status of your Airport ID Card application at any moment and simplify applications for several persons employed by your organization? Just access our web portal! Use of our web portal requires a one-off registration. Go to the web portal (available in German only).

For all important information, consult the web portal user manual (available in German only).

Please note

  • Effective from October 1, 2016 you may use your Airport ID Card as a canteen card in the cafeterias of Airport Cater Service GmbH. No ID Card needs to be changed for that purpose. Please bear in mind that you are not allowed to pass your ID Card on to third persons for use in the cafeteria. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call 069/690 71028. More information on how to use your ID Card as a canteen card. (available in German only)
  • The data collected in the applications must be identical to the applicant’s official registration data (e.g. several first names as shown in the national identity card or passport). When picking up the Airport ID Card, you must present a valid national identity card or passport and, if necessary, a residence permit. If deviations are found during the verification of the identity on pick-up of the ID Card, the Airport ID Card may not be issued.
  • All applications for Vehicle ID Cards are handled and issued only by the ID Card Services (SCF) in Bldg. 161. This means that applications need no longer be sent to the SCF in advance.
  • Please make sure to always use our current application forms, which you can find on our website, in accordance with the valid Identification Regulations. Please fill them out on your computer, print them out to sign them and then return the duly completed and signed application to us. We can only accept and handle the forms in their most current version and if completely filled out. Please note that only digitally completed applications for ID Cards will be accepted.



FAQ about Airport ID Cards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please consult the FAQs on the topic of Airport ID Cards.


Information for Corporate Customers

Information on Pick-up and Return of the ID Card and on Getting to the ID Card Services

Pick-up of the Airport ID Card

ID Card Pick-up

Please arrange an appointment online and visit us at the ID Card Services or at our office in Terminal 1. Make sure to bring your valid national identity card or passport and, if necessary, your residence permit.

In case you would like to collect a Vehicle ID Card, you will also have to present the original registration papers for the vehicle.



How to Find the ID Card Services in Building 161

The ID Card Services is located between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in the first floor of Building 161 (Training Center), room #1032.

On Foot

Coming from Terminal 1

If you arrive from Terminal 1, bear right and stay on the walkway until you get to the exit barriers at the end of the Terminal. From there, keep walking on the walkway on the right-hand side for some 150 meters up to a traffic light crossing in front of Gate 3. Cross the road and walk left past the police building. Afterwards keep on to the right. After some 150 meters, you will reach parking lot P81, Building 161. The ID Card Services are housed in the green building 161.

Coming from Terminal 2

If you arrive from Terminal 2, leave the building in the second level (Arrivals Level) and keep right until the entrance to the car park P8. Approximately 30 meters ahead of you, on the right side, you will find a staircase. Go downstairs. Afterwards walk straight on along the fence until the green building (Bldg. 161). The ID Card Services are housed in that building.

Using the Staff Coach

The “East Line” Staff Coaches between Terminal 1 and Gate 1/Bldg. 543 drive to the Building 162 stop. From the bus stop, please follow the blue “Servicecenter Flughafenausweise (SCF)” signs between the cafeteria and Building 162 taking you to Building 161 (green building).

With the Car

Drive onto Hugo-Eckener-Ring, west of Terminal 2 and east of Gate 3, to get to car park P81 (GPS coordinates N50.050.053039 E 08.581137). This takes you directly to Building 161. The ID Card Services are accommodated in that green building. The ID Card Services will refund you the parking fees for the duration of your visit.

In the operational area, you will find three designated parking spaces in front of Building 161.

ID Card Services Branch Office in Terminal 1

The SCF office in Terminal 1, room # 205.3367, is located next to the Short-Term ID Cards office in the Integrated Control Center. Just behind boarding pass checkpoint B-East, before the security check, a stair leads up to the Integrated Control Center. This is where the SCF branch office is housed. This office is attended from on Mondays and Fridays from 7.30 AM until 12.00 AM. Please call ahead for an appointment! ID Card Services branch office in Terminal 1 room # 205.3367, is located in the Short-Term ID Card office in the Integrated Control Center. 

From the long escalator of the regional station you get to Level 2, Departures Hall B, of Terminal 1. Walk some 50 meters towards Departures B until you reach the Service Point Terminal 1. Pass the Service Point on the left side and keep on walking right to the boarding pass checkpoint, Departures B. Go past the checkpoint and then turn left to the staircase. There you follow the signs.


Return of ID Cards

Any Airport ID Cards that you may no longer need, at the latest, however, upon expiry of the ID Card, should be given back to the ID Card Services. You may return your Airport ID Card at the ID Card Services in Building 161 or in the Branch Office in Terminal 1 on any Monday or Friday between 7.30 AM and 12.00 AM.

Should you prefer to return your ID Card by mail, the burden of proof for sending is with the sender.

Airport ID Cards, Vehicle ID Cards and any other ID cards are the property of Fraport AG and must always be returned for safety reasons. Improper return incurs costs which will be passed on to the customers.

For Airport ID Cards issued for security-restricted areas (ID Card colors: yellow, blue and red), failure to return the card is additionally deemed as a legal offence in accordance with the German Aviation Security Act and may be punished with a fine amounting up to 10,000 euro. As the airport operator, Fraport AG is obligated to report any such violations to the relevant Government Agency in charge of Aviation Security.