General Information

Airport ID Cards as Cafeteria Card

You may use your personal Airport ID Card as a cafeteria card in the canteens of Airport Cater Service GmbH. No cards need to be swapped for that. Yet, also in this case, you are not allowed to transfer your Airport ID Card to third persons. New ID Cards can be used in the canteen from the next day onwards. If you have any questions, please contact 069/690 71028.  


Use of Correct Forms and Documents

Please always use our updated application forms in accordance with the valid edition of our Identification and Access Regulations which you find on our website. Always fill them out digitally before signing them and sending them to us. We can only accept these documents if presented in the valid edition and filled in completely. Only digitally completed applications can be accepted.



The German Aviation Security Act (LuftSiG), the German Air Traffic Licensing Act (LuftVZO) and the EU Air Traffic Regulations require Fraport AG to safeguard the airport premises. Fraport’s Identification Regulations contain a description of the identification system prevailing at Frankfurt Airport as well as its corresponding requirements for access by foot or vehicle.


Ten Rules for Airport ID Card Holders  

1. Have your ID Card re-extended in good time or return it on time if you cease your activity at the airport. All Airport ID Cards are the property of Fraport AG.
2. No Airport ID Card must be falsified (for instance by any modification whatsoever or sticking anything on it).  In case the outer appearance is changed, a new ID Card must be issued.
3. No Airport ID Card must be transferred to or handed over to a third person.
4. Airport ID Cards must be worn openly and visibly on the outer clothing. Vehicle ID Cards must be well visible in the closed vehicle.
5. The ID Card must be shown for inspection whenever required by an authorized inspecting officer.
6. If damaged, the ID Card must be exchanged rapidly and free of charge in the ID Cards Service Center (SCF).
7. Prevent the Airport ID Card against theft, loss and improper use.
8. In case of loss: Have it blocked immediately calling 069 690-22222.
9. Use your Card only with a legitimate reason and in connection with business activities.
10. When using your Card, do not grant access to any unauthorized persons.