Safety Management System (SMS)

Schild Flugzeug rot

Fraport's Safety Management System (in short: SMS) increases the level of safety at Frankfurt Airport. The main focus lies on the safety of airport operations. The SMS takes into consideration all factors that may affect safety, whether of technical, organizational or human nature.

The model serving as an example for Fraport's SMS is the Just Culture Declaration enacted by the European Union. The SMS was implemented pursuant to EU Regulation No. 216/2008 (EC) and Commission Regulation (EU) No. 139/2014, the relevant ICAO Guidelines and Standards as well as the national air laws (§45c LuftVZO, Air Transport Licensing Regulation).

The SMS integrates and processes in systematic networked subgroups all safety measures for daily aviation operations at Frankfurt Airport. The system records and evaluates safety-relevant incidents and is capable of identifying and showing any possible weaknesses.

The goal is that the rules laid down in Fraport's Safety Policy be practiced by all people involved in air travel. This further increases the level of safety at Frankfurt Airport. This goal is also achieved by enabling people working at the airport to report safety issues to the SMS. Moreover, all persons having access to the operational areas (apron and maneuvering area) are bound to undergo a safety training.

Airport-related standards

Please refer to the Q&A of the Safety Management System and to the following documents for further information.