SMS Publications

Current incidents or events are of interest to everybody. Some procedures must not be forgotten. This is the purpose of SMS publications. These publications are meant to point out hazards for oneself and others.

Aircraft Damage

Do your part and be an example for others! Drive calmly, quietly and with foresight on the apron thus avoiding accidents or damage.

Everyone is familiar with the damage that may arise in a collision with an aircraft. What is not so widely known are the costs caused by such an event of damage. Therefore, we ask all users of the apron to be highly vigilant on the airport’s apron and to refrain from using any mobile terminals.

Become an active part of a safe airport!


Fraport Safety Policy

The Safety Policy is the basis for all action on the apron of Frankfurt Airport. It summarizes all principles applying to the behavior of each and every person operating on the apron.

Compliance with this Policy not only increases the safety on the apron, but also the safety of workers and passengers.


Carry garbage bags and waste down - Keep escape and rescue routes open!

After cabin cleaning it can be frequently observed that full garbage bags are just thrown off the main deck via the stairs. The risk of such a garbage bag bursting and its contents being scattered over the apron is great. Instead, the garbage bags should be descended manually and then disposed of in closed carts or bins.

Should you observe incidents like these, please help us improve the situation. Talk to the persons involved and explain to them the danger and risks throwing off the bags may cause.

Should your intervention be fruitless, report this situation to the Airside Duty Management (ADM), Tel. 7 77 77.

Help to avoid any such hazards and risks on the apron!


Exercise particular care when positioning bridges and stairs!

This is a special case, yet an issue where you may help to avoid risks and dangers! Take note of the illumination already when taxiing the airplane. The headlights should be switched off when stopping. Point this out to the bridge driver, in case the illumination is still on. To avoid thermal damage at the bridge, it must be switched off before positioning the bridge or stair at the aircraft.

Please note:

  • The headlamps should be switched off after stopping.
  • Point this out to the bridge driver in case the lamps are still on.
  • When positioning covered motorized stairs, make sure that all lamps are off before positioning the stairs

Small cause, big effect. Repairing a bridge head is costly and time-consuming. Everybody can help to avoid such damage!


Be aware of taxiing aircraft and avoid any taxiing obstacles!

Drive with due care and attention on the apron and do not be distracted!

The graphic shows you what you should focus on in particular and where it is vital to pay attention to the traffic situation as a whole.

Have a look at our new poster to see where it is especially important to be beware of the traffic. Do you happen to know any other spots where care must be taken? Just email