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About Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is being built in the south of Frankfurt Airport on the site of the former US military base. According to current plans, up to 21 million passengers a year can depart from or arrive at the new terminal here after its completion in 2023. When fully completed, Terminal 3 will be able to accommodate around 25 million passengers. The terminal's three construction phases allow for modular construction - depending on capacity requirements. In the first construction phase, the main building with arrival and departure levels, marketplace, lounges and baggage handling system as well as piers H and J will be built by 2023. In order to relieve the load on Terminals 1 and 2 earlier, the second construction phase, consisting of Pier G, will be completed ahead of schedule. This is expected to provide capacity for four to five million passengers after its completion in 2021.

The architecture of the new terminal is ultramodern. Generously dimensioned halls and areas are flooded with daylight via floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows. The planners have largely dispensed with artificial light sources. Pipes, cables and other lines harmoniously blend with the architecture without disrupting the vast open spaces or detracting from their esthetics. Thanks to energy-efficient construction and state-of-the-art technology, only minimal heating is required to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The spacious marketplace in the middle of Terminal 3 is a real eye-catcher and more: diverse shops, restaurants and cafés arrayed on an area of about 6,000 square meters invite passengers to browse, relax and enjoy themselves. An adjacent lounge zone with a direct view of the apron is appropriately and attractively furnished for travelers to chill or catch a catnap. Both piers also include amenities such as rest areas, shops and specially equipped work benches where passengers can get some work done before departing.

Terminal 3 is optimally connected and can be reached quickly and conveniently by passengers. Similar to the existing Sky Line, Fraport is building a new people-mover system to connect Terminal 3 with the two existing terminals as well as FRA´s regional and long-distance train stations. The journey from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3, with a short stop at Terminal 2, takes just under eight minutes. In addition to the new passenger transport system, Terminal 3 will also be easily accessible by taxi, coach or car. Car drivers can use one of the 8,500 parking spaces in the multi-storey car park right next to the terminal.

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