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As a company, we’re investing on a large scale to create Terminal 3, which is an important piece of infrastructure for maintaining the international competitiveness of Frankfurt Airport―a major engine powering the local and regional economy.
In doing so, we can draw on the extensive experience we have gained with other infrastructure projects in Germany and other countries. We also benefit from the fact that we are a reliable partner to the companies we contract. After all, we are also entrepreneurs. Terminal 3 is set to become a flagship of excellence for Frankfurt Airport and the entire region. And we are actively looking for experts in the region to build Terminal 3 together with our own specialists. Our intention is to bolster the (regional) economy as broadly as possible―and we have therefore resolved to avoid entrusting the entire project to a single general contractor.

You’ll find more information on our bidding and contracting procedures here:

Purchasing and Contracting

Online application for planning services (available in German only)

Online application for construction work (available in German only)

We’re looking for planning specialists and construction professionals for creating the new terminal.

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