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Figures on Terminal 3

In order to consolidate and strengthen Frankfurt Airport’s role as a major international aviation hub, Fraport must adapt the total capacity of its terminal facilities to an increasing demand. In 2018, almost 70 million passengers travelled here for the first time, and the trend continues to rise. The new Terminal 3 is being built to the south of Frankfurt Airport so that the international Frankfurt hub can continue to meet the comfort requirements of its passengers.
Terminal 3 is also poised to set new standards in many ways, as the following figures show:

  • 21 million passengers will be departing or arriving at Terminal 3 every year after the completion of the first two construction phases.
  • Schengen and non-Schengen travelers will be able to use 3 new piers over 1,600 m long.
  • Terminal 3 offers at least 38 building positions and 3 positions close to buildings, where some of the most modern wide-body aircraft can dock.
  • The new terminal has a floor area of approximately 149,000 m² - equivalent to 22 football pitches.
  • The main building and the three piers have a total area of around 403,000 m² - taking all the upper and lower floors together.
  • There will be up to 100 check-in counters and drop-off points at the new Terminal 3.
  • 15 baggage carousels are part of the new baggage system connecting Terminal 3 with the existing terminals.
  • The journey with the people mover system from Terminal 1, stopping at Terminal 2, to Terminal 3 will take 8 minutes.

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