Air Quality

Fraport is deeply involved in matters of air quality in the interest of affected residents and persons employed at Frankfurt Airport. This includes the continuous in-situ monitoring of air quality. To ascertain the portion of air pollutants resulting from the operation of aircraft or the airport, thus contributing to the concentration of pollutants measured, calculations of emissions using a simulations model for atmospheric dispersal are applied.



Measurements at the airport

Air quality at Frankfurt Airport is monitored since 2002; the current operated measuring stations are displayed on the map to the left (blue dots). The stations, initially operated by Fraport, were passed on to the Umwelt- und Nachbarschaftshaus (UNH) in Kelsterbach, in 2017. The Hessian Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (HANCEG) is responsible for operating the stations and analyzing the collected data.

The spectrum of pollutants existing in air traffic corresponds to the variety of pollutants in road traffic, as in both cases similar fuels are burnt under comparable conditions. The values measured by the airport-based measuring stations correspond to those in the urban background without any special load concentrations .

Only concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at the site Airport-east matches the results of measuring stations near highly frequented roads. At this site the influence of the nearby freeway (BAB 5) becomes noticeable. Latest measurements are available on the homepage of HANCEG.

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