In recent years we have been awarded several prizes for our human resources policy. To us, that has been an incentive and an obligation to continue and optimize our successful concepts.

Fair Company

Fraport has been awarded the "Fair Company" quality seal for many years. With this initiative, the jobs and business magazine "Karriere" honors companies that speak out against the exploitation of the so-called internship generation (generation of perpetual trainees) and act accordingly. The company loses the seal if it violates on oft he five guidelines defined.


Hessian Charter on Compatibility of Career and Caregiving Activities

In 2013, Fraport signed the Hessian Charter on Compatibility of Career and Caregiving Activities.

Demographic changes are characteristic for the employment situation in Germany. More and more people have to provide care for relatives alongside their job commitments. Signatories of this charter aim at supporting their workforce when assuming responsibility for family members in need of special care.


Online Survey “Praktikantenspiegel 2014”

In early December 2013 Fraport AG was awarded the “Star Enterprise” title by the “Praktikantenspiegel” survey.

The “Praktikantenspiegel” ("Interns Mirror") determines the attractiveness of individual companies as employers and provides an overall impression of the two aspects “employer attractiveness” and “brand image”.

On the one hand, employer attractiveness is evaluated on the basis of the experiences the interns have had with the enterprises. On the other hand, brand image relates to how an enterprise is perceived from outside.

Only interns are interviewed in this survey making sure that the indicators of the companies under scrutiny are authentic and relevant.

The study has been conducted since 2010 as an annual online survey with more than 7,000 participating interns. It was co-founded by CLEVIS, a leading human resource consulting company in the German-speaking area, and by the online job resource ABSOLVENTA. As shown by the study, the high employer attractiveness experienced by the interns confirms the positive brand image of a Star classification.


Success Factor Family

Fraport AG was recognized on May 29, 2008 at the awards ceremony of the business competition "Erfolgsfaktor Familie 2008" ("Success Factor Family 2008") as overall winner in the "large-scale enterprise" category in Berlin. The former German Federal Minister of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, Ursula von der Leyen, recognized Fraport for corporate policies with an exemplary family orientation.

"The winners are trendsetters in modern human resources policy and are setting new standards for the whole German business sector", emphasized von der Leyen. "With this competition, we are making its success stories public and create role models according to which other enterprises in Germany should orientate themselves."


Trainee Quality Seal

Fraport AG's trainee program was awarded the "2016 Trainee Program Quality Seal" by Absolventa GmbH in 2016. This makes Fraport AG one of the companies that have proved to offer career-enhancing and fair trainee programs.

Absolventa is a job exchange for doctoral students and does not only provide job offers but also career assistance. This includes a career guide containing information about all career-relevant topics as well as a comprehensive job fair calendar with details about various job and career fairs. In addition, the non-profit association Absolventa e.V. awards the annual "Democratic Scholarship", in which every student from Germany, Austria and Switzerland may take part.


Trendence Top Employer

Trendence is Europe's leading research institute for employer branding, personnel marketing and recruiting. Every year, more than 530,000 graduates, school leavers and young professionals take part in surveys on their carrier ambitions and employers choice.

We have been among the top employers in Germany and Europe for many years. In the 2015 ranking of 100 top employers in Germany we obtained the following positions: Business edition: position 32, engineering edition: position 42, IT Edition: position 53.

We are among the Top 500 in the 2012 Europe-wide Top Employers Ranking List. We reached rank 214 in the Business edition, and in the engineering IT edition our rank was 231.

The 2014 study "Trendence Graduate Barometer" showing the 100 most attractive employers of German school students mentions us on position 55.

In the 2014 Young Professionals Barometer we were able to obtain position 90.


Universum Student Survey

For the last couple of years Fraport AG has been one of the top 100 employers in Germany in the annual student surveys of the Universum research institute.

Universum consults educated junior talents in more than 1,500 universities all over the world as to their career plans and employer preferences, thus offering a valuable means of information for graduates and young professionals. In Germany alone every year more than 20,000 students take part in the annual surveys which are divided into seven categories: Business, Engineering, IT, Health/Medicine, Law, Humanities and Natural Sciences.

In the latest survey Fraport AG has been able to improve in the Business and Humanities categories and now occupies the following ranking: Business category: Rank 50, Humanities category: Rank 41.