Management Systems

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Fraport has introduced a number of management systems necessary for the arrangement of a responsible management control in the business processes. These management systems include environmental management, occupational health and safety management and quality management.

To show the effectiveness of the procedure and identify any potential need for improvement, a certification for the quality management in compliance with the international standard ISO 9001 was already obtained in 1996. As from the year 2000 onwards, this certification has also been extended to the Group’s subsidiaries and investments, thus establishing a certification group in compliance with ISO 9001. Fraport’s certification group – in addition to Fraport AG – includes the following 15 subsidiaries ACS Airport Cater Service GmbH, AGS Hannover Aviation Ground Services GmbH, ASH Aircargo Services Hannover GmbH, Flughafen Hannover-Langenhagen GmbH Verkehrsbereich, NICE Aircraft Services & Support GmbH, FraGround Fraport Ground Services GmbH, ASG Airport Service Gesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt Cargo Services GmbH, Terminal for Kids gGmbH, FraSec Fraport Security Services GmbH, AirITSystems GmbH, FRACareServices GmbH, medical airport service GmbH, Fraport Slovenija d.o.o., and Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD Bulgaria.

It is the objective of the quality management to guarantee the high quality and continuous improvement of all essential processes. Knowing the processes carried out in the company, their effectiveness, efficiency and interaction is indispensable for a sustainable corporate success. In order to maintain the high level of process quality and to even increase it where possible, regular internal audits are being carried out.

In autumn 2011, Fraport AG was awarded the ISAGO certificate by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The ISAGO certificate - IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations - defines uniform safety and quality standards for ground handling services for the first time ever and is an internationally recognized system for assessing ground services providers. The objective of ISAGO is to improve safety on the ground and reduce the risk of accidents and injury. Process documentation, implementation, occupational health and safety have top priority and are subject to very strict regulations. The relevant process areas of Fraport AG were successfully certified, including loading, ground movements of aircraft, and passenger, baggage and aircraft handling.

Our environmental management focuses on such issues as aircraft noise, climate protection, air quality and conservation of nature and resources. It guarantees that we are complying with legal requirements and are continuously progressing in all areas dealing with environmental issues. Our environmental management is based on the conviction that the success of our company also depends on far we are able to fulfill our ecological responsibility as part of the aviation industry.

In the spring of 2008, the Supervisory Board of Fraport AG ratified an environmental policy (page 9) for the entire Group. This policy also reflects the principles of the UN Global Compact. Fraport commits that the group will respect environmental matters at all its locations and in all its business activities. All Group locations benefit from Airport Frankfurt's long experience in the environmental area; this also applies to trainings and local assistance. Our business model supports a precautionary approach in dealing with environmental challenges. At the same time it takes into account such aspects as cost-efficiency, economic feasibility and sustainability of our environmental programs.

Fraport AG has an Environmental Management System for the activities at Frankfurt Airport. Since 1999, this system has been validated in conformity with the European directive on the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). Our location has been the second airport in Germany to face the critical judgment of independent experts - and has been doing so each year since. Fraport AG as well as Lima Airport and Antalya Airport have received certification under the international environmental standard ISO 14001. Further information on Frankfurt Airport is also provided on the environmental impacts and achievements through the Environmental Statement.