Mission Statement and Strategy


The Fraport Group has adopted a new Mission Statement.
In the new Statement, we place the focus on our customers. Our new slogan also reflects our commitment to ensuring a “good trip” to all our passengers and travelers: “Gute Reise! We make it happen”.


Fraport: from Frankfurt to the World

We are Europe’s best airport operator and set standards worldwide.

Core values

  • Competence
  • Reliability                                   
  • Openness
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Trust

Group Goals  

Growth at Frankfurt Airport and our international subsidiaries

Fraport will continue to secure the attractiveness and the success of its Frankfurt Airport (FRA) home base. Building the new Terminal 3 will be the next major step of infrastructure development at FRA. This will create the necessary capacities for the traffic volumes in the years ahead. Our expertise, which we have gained and will continue to enhance at FRA, is also a guarantee of success for the ongoing evolution and expansion of our international subsidiaries.
To facilitate growth, Fraport will strengthen its innovation leadership and develop new customer-focused business models.


Service-oriented provider

As a service-oriented provider, Fraport places the customer center stage. Whether aircraft passengers, air carriers, the freight community, concessionaires, tenants or consulting customers, all receive the best service and high quality. Fraport anticipates and meets the desires of the customers while simultaneously observing cost-effectiveness. Product developments, individual services and the range of services result from this premise. In this context, digitization of airport processes and services will play a special role.


Competitive position thanks to optimal cooperation

By integrating our wide range of services into the cooperative structure of the company, we achieve our common goals. This integrated business model is a unique factor that distinguishes Frankfurt Airport from other airports. Our aim is to use this business model to remain competitive and do business successfully.
Through efficient cooperation and with a view on the big picture, Fraport masters the complexity of the tasks and projects, while fostering team spirit and networking across the entire Group.


Learning organization

As a learning organization, Fraport is committed to proper business practice, cost-effectiveness and competitiveness. Risks and chances are identified in due time, market changes are anticipated. Fraport promotes innovations and new business ideas. The management philosophy is characterized by high commitment to excellence, continuous development and mutual confidence. The entire workforce contributes to success of the company. Here, Fraport acts in a supportive role and sets the frameworks for development and qualification. Fraport responds to the demographic change by a purposeful staff recruiting and retention management as well as knowledge transfer.


Fairness and acknowledgment

As a fair employer Fraport fosters a respectful and open working climate. The diversity of our employees is appreciated and regarded as an asset. Fraport places great importance on a mutually respectful and constructive dialogue with our customers and partners. Fraport wants to be a good neighbor and cooperates closely with all regional stakeholders to minimize the negative effects of airport operations. We remain committed to reducing the airport’s noise footprint, by using all available technical and operational possibilities.


Group Strategy

The Agenda 2015 has been replaced by Fraport’s new Mission Statement and strategy, which the Group has been implementing in individual business areas and subsidiaries since 2015.