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    Fraport Traffic Figures – January 2019: Starting the New Year on a Growth Path
    Frankfurt Airport (FRA) welcomed nearly 4.7 million passengers in January 2019, thus starting the year with 2.3 percent traffic growth. Without strike and weather-related flight cancellations, passenger traffic at FRA would have grown by about 4.3 percent.
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    Mobility of the Future: Fraport and Volocopter Are Developing Airport Infrastructure and Passenger Processes for Air Taxi Services
    Fraport AG and Volocopter GmbH are pioneering mobility of the future. Together, they are developing concepts for ground infrastructure and operations required for air taxi services at airports. This cooperation focuses on smooth passenger handling and efficient integration into existing transport infrastructure. This will be examined using a so-called Volocopter Port. In the future, Volocopter Ports could link existing urban transportation junctions with one another and provide connections to and from Frankfurt Airport (FRA).
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    Fraport Launches Operations at Nashville International Airport in the USA
    Nashville-FRA/rap – Beginning February 1, Fraport is taking over the overall management of concession areas for shops, restaurants and other services at Nashville International Airport (BNA). With almost 16 million passengers in 2018 (up 13.2 percent year-on-year), BNA set an all-time record for the sixth consecutive year and maintained its position as one of strongest performing aviation gateways in North America.
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    Fraport Traffic Figures – Full Year 2018: Frankfurt Airport Welcomes More Than 69.5 Million Passengers
    Frankfurt Airport (FRA) served more than 69.5 million passengers in 2018, thus posting a new record high in the airport’s history. Compared to 2017, traffic at Germany’s largest airport grew by some 5 million passengers or 7.8 percent. This strong growth resulted from the launch of more routes to new destinations from FRA and from airlines increasing flight frequencies.
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