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    Fraport Traffic Figures – May 2018: Fraport Group Reports Ongoing Robust Growth
    With ongoing robust traffic growth in May 2018, Frankfurt Airport welcomed some 6.1 million passengers and registered a 9.5 percent increase compared to the previous year. Factors contributing to this growth included the occurrence in May 2018 of several extended holiday weekends, as well as school breaks in some German states. In addition, increased capacity on FRA’s European routes spurred passenger growth. During the January-to-May period, Frankfurt Airport achieved accumulated passenger growth of 8.9 percent.
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    Fraport AGM: Shareholders to Receive Dividend of €1.50 per Share
    FRA/rap – At Fraport AG’s 17th regular Annual General Meeting (AGM), 99.97 percent of the shareholders approved the recommended dividend of €1.50 per share. Thus, the dividend for fiscal year 2017 will remain at the previous year’s level.
    Annual General Meeting: Fraport Group Continues Its Successful Path
    At Fraport AG’s regular Annual General Meeting (AGM) held today (May 29), CEO Dr. Stefan Schulte presented the results of a highly successful 2017 fiscal year (ending December 31). Commenting on the Group’s positive business performance, Schulte said: “Supported by strong traffic growth, both our revenue and adjusted earnings reached new record levels. We achieved our targets in full and are well positioned to continue this growth trend.” Group revenue climbed by almost 13.5 percent to €2.93 billion. The first-time consolidation of Fraport’s Greek airports contributed a significant €235 million to Group revenue.
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    Fraport Traffic Figures – April 2018: Strong Growth Continues
    In April 2018, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) welcomed some 5.7 million passengers – an increase of 5.8 percent. Without strike and weather-related flight cancellations, passenger numbers at FRA would have risen by 7.2 percent.
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    Fraport Group Interim Release – First Quarter 2018: New Business Year Starts Off Successfully
    FRA/gk-rap – The Fraport Group saw revenue and earnings figures increase significantly during the first quarter of business year 2018 (ending March 31). Supported by strong passenger growth at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and most of the airports in Fraport’s international portfolio, Group revenue advanced by 15.0 percent to €681.7 million. Major revenue contributions came from Fraport Greece (€44.3 million) and Fraport Brasil (€30.8 million) – following the startup of Fraport’s operations at Fortaleza (FOR) and Porto Alegre (POA) on January 2. At FRA, higher income from airport charges, security services and parking contributed to the Group’s revenue growth.
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