Fraport AGM: Shareholders to Receive Dividend of €1.50 per Share

Shareholders approve the actions of the executive and supervisory boards – Shareholder representatives in the supervisory board re-elected

ANR 15/2018

FRA/rap – At Fraport AG’s 17th regular Annual General Meeting (AGM), 99.97 percent of the shareholders approved the recommended dividend of €1.50 per share. Thus, the dividend for fiscal year 2017 will remain at the previous year’s level.

Furthermore, shareholders ratified the actions of the company’s executive and supervisory boards for fiscal year 2017, by 99.64 percent and 97.14 percent respectively.  The vote regarding the shareholder representatives in the supervisory board resulted in all 10 exisiting members being unanimously re-elected.  Prior to the voting procedure, Fraport AG’s executive board chairman Dr. Stefan Schulte presented the completed 2017 business year results and answered questions addressed by shareholders at the AGM.

Today’s AGM at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt-Höchst was attended by 957 shareholders. 87.77 percent of the company’s total share capital was represented at the AGM. Chaired by Fraport AG’s supervisory board chairman Karlheinz Weimar, the AGM officially commenced at 10:00 and concluded at 14:51 CET.

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