As part of its voluntary Casa program, Fraport AG was buying residential properties that are flown over at especially low altitudes, i.e. beneath 350 meters (985 feet), or compensated the owners financially. The application deadline for the program was on October 1, 2014. This offered an alternative to homeowners who had purchased or built a property before the plans about the airport’s expansion were discussed and who now found their house right under the entry line to the airport.

Within the context of the noise-abating package of measures “Together for the Region - Alliance for Noise Abatement 2012” Fraport AG had significantly upgraded the Casa program in 2012 (“Casa 2”). Altogether the volume of measures taken within the Casa program amounted to over 100 million euros. Fraport AG is proud to draw up a positive balance of its voluntary Casa program, another valuable contribution to the compatibility between air traffic - which is important for the region - and the protection of residents.