Passive Noise Abatement

Households may make claims for passive noise abatement protection for their homes in the framework of the Passive Noise Protection Program. These noise abatement protection measures are meant to reduce the noise level within buildings.

Within the framework of the current “Passive Noise Abatement” program, corresponding measures are being brought forward beyond the statutory regulations and are given extra budgetary resources from the Regional Fund. The budget comprises some 150 million euros for the Passive Noise Abatement Program and 265 to 2570 million euros for the Regional Fund. The Regional Fund is part of the “Alliance for Noise Abatement 2012”, launched on February 29, 2012.

The program differentiates between four protected zones, which were created in compliance with the applicable limit values shown in the amended noise protection laws. The noise protection areas thus determined are composed of two daytime protection zones and one nighttime protection zone and since 2013 also of one area covered by the Regional Fund.