Economic Enhancement

We consider “economic enhancement” to mean the continuous increase of our company’s value and the safeguarding and improvement of profitability while maintaining a financial balance. The goal of economic enhancement is to achieve profitable growth and the long-term generation of a positive value added in all business areas. As such, we manage the Group’s development according to the principles of value management. The key figure for this is the Fraport value added.* We use retained earnings as the basis for future capital expenditure and to further increase the company’s value.

(*Fraport value added means the difference between EBIT and capital costs (= Fraport assets × cost of capital). As of the beginning of fiscal year 2015, pre-tax results and the carrying amounts of Group-companies accounted for using the equity method have been added to EBIT and Fraport assets. In this way, Fraport takes account of both consolidated companies and companies accounted for using the equity method in value management.)

For further information on the following topics, please consult the “2016 Compact” report.