Celebrating Collaboration:
Open Pitch Day Fosters a successful Partnership Between Fraport and Assaia

Celebrating the fruits of collaboration, the Open Pitch Day started a successful partnership between Fraport and the Swiss innovator, Assaia, who leverage AI to optimize turnarounds. This connection, initiated in 2022 when Assaia showcased their vision at the first Open Pitch Day pilot, has since evolved into a rewarding collaboration.

Their application for a 3-month Digital Factory project has concluded in the development of "Turnaround Control@LJU," a project that demonstrates how shared expertise and technology can deliver substantial improvements to airport operations.

Completed in early 2024, this partnership has been a testament to the power of working together, effectively optimizing operational excellence at Ljubljana Airport, a proud member of the Fraport group. Assaia's solution, which adeptly combines computer vision and artificial intelligence, provides real-time, impactful data that enhances the agility and insights of ground handling teams. This synergy not only aligns with Fraport’s commitment to further improve processes and passenger experience but also establishes a benchmark for driving operational excellence through cooperative innovation.

If you're ready to join this community of innovators and have a pioneering idea about how an airport could look in the future, the Open Pitch Day is your gateway. We invite you to apply and potentially kickstart a partnership as productive and successful as the one between Assaia and Fraport. Your innovative ideas could be next in line to make a lasting impact - Fraport is looking forward to your application!

Open Pitch Day

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