AirIT Systems GmbH

Area of activity
  • Service and projects in the airport sector: Operations control and information systems, communications systems, transport systems, data center operation, building technology
  • Building security: Alarm and evacuation strategies, access control systems using biometric processes, fire alarm systems, video surveillance, electro-acoustic systems
  • Organizational security: Risk analyses, emergency management strategies, certification to ISO 27001, network security and firewall audits
  • Network technologies/IT security: Planning, installation, service and support of corporate networks, e.g. switching, routing, wireless LAN, firewall, data center construction, documentation and security services in the entire IT environment
  • Business processes and SAP: Being an SAP system and consulting company, we are optimizing business processes of any complexity, such as authorization and security concepts, Business Warehouse, interfaces to operational systems, implementation/operation of SAP solutions by a certified service organization, human resources, facility management, real estate
  • AWARO® Collaboration Solutions: Development and distribution of our internet-based project room technology for company-wide information management and for all operational project management issues (AWARO® Project Room, AWARO® Due Diligence Data Room; web portal:  

AirITSystems is a joint venture of Hanover and Frankfurt Airports. In addition, AirITSystems is providing services and solutions to well-known companies from a wide range of sectors at five locations in Germany.  

Managing director:  Eric Engelhardt, Thomas Leonhardt

Fraport's share in the company:  50 %

AirITSystems GmbH
Benkendorffstraße 6
D-30855 Langenhagen  
Hannover Airport

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