Fraport Brasil S.A. Aeroporto de Fortaleza  

Area of activity
  • Management, operation and expansion of Pinto Martins Airport in Fortaleza, Brazil

For running the operation, Fraport founded Fraport Brasil S.A. Aeroporto de Fortaleza as an airport management company, a 100% subsidiary of Fraport AG. After the award in an auction in Sao Paulo, on 2017/03/16, the 30year concession period has started in August 2017 while the operational takeover of the airport took place on 2018/01/02. According to the concession agreement, besides the operational management the company also accounts for the development of the whole infrastructure and the increase of the quality standards at the airport.

Fortaleza is the capital of the Brazilian state of Ceará, located in the north of Brazil.

Managing director:  Andreea Pal (CEO), Sabine Trenk (COO), Jocel Gadens (CFO)

Fraport's share in the company:  100 %