Anchored in Our Organization

The topics of sustainability and responsibility are firmly anchored in Fraport’s organizational structure and have been assigned to the Strategy and digitization department. Its main task is to bring together the strategically relevant themes of responsible corporate governance and to initiate their continued development. Furthermore, the department delivers the materiality matrix and the sustainability program.

Sustainability reporting as well as the supervision of rankings and assessments are the responsibility of the Finance and Investor Relations unit.

Materiality Matrix
Materiality Matrix


The materiality matrix is the result of the systematic engagement with internal and external stakeholders. These include analysts, shareholders, employee representatives, banks, employees, airlines, local residents, business partners, investors, the media, NGOs, passengers, politicians and government agencies, economic associations and representatives of the scientific community.

All of these confirmed the relevance of the spectrum of topics in an online survey. To keep this matrix up to date, it is reviewed annually and adapted if necessary.

Sustainability Program - Common goals for global challenges


The sustainability program defines the strategically relevant sustainability topics and is structured similarly to the thematic areas of the materiality matrix. It presents not only the goals but also the actions undertaken to achieve them.

Every goal is recorded with at least one key performance indicator in order to measure its dynamic. This approach makes it possible to present the target attainment level in a transparent manner. The program is reviewed and updated annually.

Sustainable Development Goals


With Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, the member states of the United Nations are expressing their belief that global challenges can only be solved collectively.

The agenda provides the foundation on which to organize global economic progress based on the principles of social justice and by respecting the Earth’s ecological limits. The agenda is built around 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs consider all three dimensions of sustainability – social, environmental and economic – equally
. As a signatory of the UN Global Compact, Fraport AG is strongly committed to these goals and the SDGs. The main emphasis in this context is on those SDGs on which Fraport AG can exert an influence. In this selection, there are four SDGs (highlighted in gray) that offer particular potential.