Ground Handling: An Essential Success Factor

Smooth  handling, sound infrastructure, short transfer times: Fraport Ground Services  offers all aircraft-related services.

Fraport Ground Services creates the  essential conditions on the ground for the success of airlines above the clouds  The leading international provider of ground handling services according to the  International Air Transport Association (IATA) Airport Handling Manual (AHM)  810 provides the whole spectrum of aircraft-related services.

With their extensive experience in  ground handling, Fraport Ground Services staff can meet the airlines’  individual requirements and ensure smooth handling for them. At Frankfurt  Airport alone, there are more than 7,100 employees doing hugely successful work  for over 100 national and international airlines in the Ground Handling unit,  the central ground services infrastructure, and other ground handling-related  departments.

Frankfurt Airport is one of the  fastest major airports in the world in terms of handling. Its effective airport  infrastructure creates the ideal conditions for short transfer times – for  passengers and their baggage. “Integrated Passenger and Baggage Logistics at  the Aviation Hub in Frankfurt,” the joint project between Fraport AG and  Deutsche Lufthansa AG, won the German Logistics Award in  October 2008.

Our services
  • We offer the  full range of services as per AHM 810.
  • Our services  are provided from a single source.
  • We have high  quality standards/ISO certification.
  • We work with  innovative information, handling and communication systems.
  • We provide  individual service level agreements/ISO certification.
  • We have  qualified, well-trained staff.
  • We have  state-of-the-art handling equipment.
  • Ground Services and IATA collaborate on training, and jointly deliver  courses for airport and ground operations employees.

Ground Handling


From XS to XXL: Our Fraport Ground  Services provide individual solutions for everyone. We carry out all handling  services as per IATA AHM 810 with speed and precision. Coordinated processes,  qualified staff, and state-of-the art handling equipment guarantee maximum  flexibility and reliability for turning around aircraft on time.

Passenger services Ramp and Transport services: Precision in aircraft handling Executive aviation services

The satisfaction of airlines and their  customers matters a lot to us. That’s why we structure passenger services as  personally and individually as possible.

A personal approach that creates trust
This extends from passenger care and  boarding through to flight planning and briefing of the crew. Friendliness and  professionalism is the hallmark of everything we do.

Our  services for passengers:
-  Check-in
- Ticketing
- Baggage  identification
- Special  passenger care
- Passenger and  crew transport
- Travel agency
- Representation  at station
- Training

Our  aircraft services:
-  Crew briefing
- Ground  operations
- Crew transport
- Ramp  supervision
- Walk-out  assistance
- Cleaning of  aircraft interior
- Checking of containers and oxygen, and visual inspection of aircraft

Additional information on our passenger services

Handling aircraft quickly and  efficiently is the core expertise of Ground Services. Complex logistics processes  and qualified specialist staff supported by an array of special equipment and  systems ensure a high level of efficiency, reliability, and precision while the  planes are on the ground.

Our  services on the apron:
-  Aircraft  acceptance
- Provision of state-of-the-art  handling equipment
- Loading and  unloading of baggage, mail, and cargo
-Toilets and  water service
- Aircraft tugs and push-backs
- Baggage  transfer
- Transportation  of baggage, passengers, cargo, mail, documents, and courier items.
- Temperaturecontrolled transports

Our Fraport Executive Aviation team  are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to personally meet your wishes on  site. The experienced experts at Fraport Executive Aviation provide premium  services from a single source – from looking after guests and crews and running  the exclusive vehicle fleet to all aircraft-related services.

Premium Services:

Particularly in fall-back situations – i.e. in crisis situations or emergencies – the large network in the Fraport Group makes us a reliable and flexible partner.

Our Executive Aviation Services team  is available daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. LOC; H24 PPR; FBO 24 hours.

Further information on our  Executive aviation services  and our  conditions of use and charges  is available here.

We provide and operate the central infrastructure facilities as the basis for our  ground handling services at Frankfurt Airport. The facilities and services of  the central ground services infrastructure are key elements of hub operation.  They ensure reliable, punctual handling.


Infrastructure facilities:

  • Central  baggage handling system for outbound and transfer baggage
  • Gate baggage  facilities for outbound baggage
  • Bulky baggage  facilities
  • Central  baggage facilities for inbound baggage
  • Central  de-icing facilities
  • Central  baggage security facilities
  • Passenger  bridges including mobile passenger stairs and buses as replacements in the  event of failure
  • 400 Hz power  supply (and mobile backup device)
  • Fresh water  supply and toilet servicing facilities
  • Central  communication network for providing ground handling services
  • Central  facilities of the hydrant operating company HBG to provide aircraft fuel
  • Customs  baggage warehouse
  • Baggage error  lane, rush and re-booking processing, and baggage tracing
  • Neutral Cargo  Transfer Center

With our  Consulting department, we now also provide consulting services and global  marketing of operational expertise.

Services Description
Fitness check Check  of the current operational situation with regard to the main tasks and customer  requirements relating to an activity.
Re-engineering Restructuring  of business processes with a view to obtaining lasting and cost-effective  improvements.
Audit support Systematic  examination of processes, identification of weak spots, and devising of  solution approaches for the preparation of internal and external audits.
IT support Assistance  with implementation or modification of IT systems from requirement  identification to go-live.
Quality management Implementation  of a quality management system for continuous review of processes and with a  view to lasting improvement.
Training and coaching Training  of employees and trainers in the service sector to identify, develop, and enhance  individual skills.
Business development Assistance  with the development and implementation of individual business ideas and  enhancement of existing business areas to achieve competitive advantages.
Irregularity management
Preparation  for unforeseen incidents and reduction of the risk of downtimes.
Start-up management Assistance  with the development and set-up of an operating and administrative organization  in the ground handling services area.
Safety and security Review  of the company and its processes with regard to observance of international and  local requirements and regulations in the field of safety and security.

Whether you need general terms  and conditions, price lists, or ground handling contracts:  

a highly motivated  team ensures that your business relationship with our Ground Services unit  develops just as dynamically as our commitment to you, both on the apron and at  the terminal.


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