Antalya International Airport

“Fraport TAV Antalya – We are the terminal operator for the gateway airport to Antalya, the Capital of the Turkish Riviera. Our goal is to be a friendly service provider for our passengers, and a reliable business partner for airlines and the tourism community. We are dedicated to continuous process improvement to make the passenger journey through our terminals enjoyable and comfortable”

Gudrun Telöken and Deniz Varol, General Managers Fraport TAV Antalya Terminal İşletmeciliği A.Ş.


Airport achievements

passengers in 2023
square meters of new terminal area by 2025
solar power production by 2024 (MW)
Berrin Toker, Corporate Communication Assistant Manager

"Fraport TAV Antalya Airport is welcoming a growing number of foreign visitors each year to Antalya on the Turkish Riviera. An expansion project is underway at Antalya, which significantly increases passenger capacity. The first expansion phase is scheduled ot be complete by 2025. As part of this project, we focused on the neighbourhood andinformed the public to support the regional development with a sustainable approach. The project will bring a significant contribution to the national economy."


Çağatay Özşeker, Finance Specialist

"A new-generation, environmentally-friendly and sustainable expansion project, which will raise the standards of Antalya Airport to the highest level, is rapidly proceeding without compromising financial discipline. With the contributions of the global experience and brand value of the Fraport and TAV cooperation, the expansion project will bring Antalya Airport to the top of the global list in a short time. We will continue to make our passengers from all over the world feel at home by delivering the best service quality.”

Hüseyin Pekşen, Human Ressources Asistant Specialist

"As the Human Resources team, we ensure that Fraport TAV Antalya Airport and all of our business partners carry out their human resource processes in accordance with EBRD and IFC standards. In this context, we create a reliable institution and working environment that respects human and employee rights. We are proud to be an institution that protects all its personnel and candidates by opposing all kinds of discrimination.”

Çiğdem Akdemir, Sales & Marketing Asst. Manager

"Our terminal expansion projects will create approximately 15,200 sqm of new shopping areas. As commercial team, we are very excited about the opportunities that will arise from the new marketplace with attractive duty-free, restaurant and other retail outlets. At the same time, construction work was significantly hampering our operations during the peak season of the year. It was a challenge, but we were managing to provide the best possible service and shopping experience for our passengers.”

Semih Özyurt, Building Maintenance Chief

"One of the most challenging aspects of the Antalya Expansion Project is the execution of construction works during the peak travel season. To ensure that operations are not disrupted and passenger satisfaction maintained, we have established effective coordination procedures and continue the necessary construction activities in a very limited time frame i. In this process, we benefit from our past experiences.”

Mehmet Atasoy, IT Assistant Manager

"We are working on competitive andinnovative IT systemsto ensure business continuity and provide better services with an increasing passenger density. Our aim is to enhance and make our success among European airports sustainable.
"We review, redefine and digitize our processes and improve them overall. In particular, we have moved to Inhouse KAIRA Local DCS . With this system, check-in and boarding processes can be car-ried out quickly and API information can be automatically sent to the International Border Police sys-tem. The limited number of similar solutions in the market shows the importance of the system we have developed in-house. This system provides a solution to meet the special requirements of busy charter check-in operations.

Gamze Nur Kurel, Architect

"Within the scope of the Antalya Airport Expansion project, we ensure that the operational and commercial needs are met in the ongoing designs, and are seamlessly integrated into the existing terminal buildings. We work with a devoted team, that helps in all circumstances to blend architectural designs with innovations, and develop them for the benefit of passengers and our company."


Arda Dıraz, Parking Management Assistant Manager

"At Fraport TAV Antalya Airport, the parking business has almost recovered to 2019 levels supported by daily traffic hights recorded in 2023. Within the scope of the airport expansion project, we are making significant investments in our parking lots. Capacity increase projects at the Terminal 1 car parks have provided great support to our operations. The multi-storey car park with a capacity of approximately 2,600 vehicles, planned to be operational in 2024, will be the first in the airport’s history. After the completion of the Terminal 2 and Domestic Terminal expansion projects, our parking areas are planned to increase from approximately 100k to 300k sqm. While contributing to our sustainability goal and driving our digitalization efforts, we also aim to enhance the passenger travel experience.”

Şaban Bozlar, ICT Specialist

"As a member of the large Fraport TAV family I am proud of the flight and passenger records that we are renewing every day. I am also very happy to be useful to our institution by taking part in the expansion projects that are being implemented six months ahead of schedule. It is a different and good experience to carry out the project processes without any disruption to passenger operations. The most important problem I encountered in this process isthat the technical specifications that were handed over to our company are insufficient for our needs, since they are not up-to-date and comprehensive. We strive to include our needs and understanding of quality in projects in line with international standards and the importance we give to customer satisfaction. As a successful team we arealso aware of our duties and responsibilities. One of our goals is to rise in the SKYTRAX success lists with new passenger and flight records.”


Selected awards

Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 4 (Neutrality, 2022)


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Gateway to your dreams
Gateway to your dreams


Antalya Airport – Intern. Terminal 1 curbside


Antalya Airport – check-in hall


Antalya Airport – baggage claim area


Antalya Airport – Domestic Terminal apron view


Antalya Airport - Intern. Terminal 2 apron view


Antalya Airport, CIP Terminal – curbside


Antalya Airport, CIP Terminal – lounge area


Antalya Airport – overview Intern. Terminal 1, Domestic- and CIP Terminal


Concession information

Fraport TAV Antalya Terminal İşletmeciliği A.Ş.

51 %

Operation, maintenance & development of the airport (excl. airside)

1999 - 2051



*Note: until 2026

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