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We are helping to drive the transformation of mobility – with innovative ideas and expertise derived from many years of experience.

Where mobility and transportation are concerned, our customers’ needs are becoming more individualized and situation-dependent. This sector is being redefined by technological advances in terms of electrification, automation, and networking of different transportation modes. Climate protection goals and decarbonization are also playing major roles in defining the future of mobility. To meet these new requirements while striking a balance among customer wishes, societal expectations, and technical feasibility, we are working hard to develop multimodal transportation solutions. The emphasis here is on developing customer-centric, resource-conserving, sustainable infrastructure and appropriately designing offerings to match.

32562 managed parking spaces
59 open-air parking lots
16712 public parking spaces
6 parking facilities
4 underground parking garages
254 charging points for electric vehicles
> 13 million vehicles parked per year

Classic business models are changing with the shift to multimodality and decarbonization.

We are responsible for managing mobility at Frankfurt Airport, which includes centrally controlling, networking, and allocating traffic that arrives by road.

Our expertise includes creating and running parking facilities, traffic control and parking guidance systems, and ongoing activities to control and optimize the associated processes.

Digitalization is the crucial ingredient for ensuring success in the business of parking and mobility.

In terms of strategy, sales, operations, and business management, we long ago began setting the stage for the future by leveraging dynamic, data-driven price and capacity control and an optimized platform economy. We continually adjust and adapt our strategy and product development activities to meet the needs and requirements of the market and our customers.

Decarbonization, e-mobility, autonomous driving, and multimodality are transforming the conventional business model for parking.

Within the scope of our forward-looking approach to mobility management, we are meeting the infrastructural prerequisites for achieving climate neutrality at Frankfurt Airport. Among other things, we’re introducing intelligent guidance systems to reduce the number of vehicles looking for parking slots. Moreover, we’re deploying LED technology and solar panels on the roofs of our parking facilities to reduce energy consumption while boosting energy efficiency.

We’re  continuously expanding our offering to meet our customers' growing demand for charging options.

We provide over 254 charging points at Frankfurt Airport for passengers, contract customers, employees and mobility providers such as car sharing and rental cars. A new fast-charging park in the south of the airport already offers 3 fast-charging stations with 6 charging points each. In the final expansion stage, 8 further fast-charging stations with 16 fast-charging points will be completed.  

The Gateway Gardens parking facility boasts 1250 parking spaces on nine levels, and a photovoltaic system meets part of the building’s electricity needs.

Latest-generation technology is deployed here; among other things, integrated scanning of license plate numbers enables registered customers to drive in and out contactlessly. Monitoring of individual parking spaces and an efficient parking guidance system lets them head straight for an available slot without wasting time searching, which additionally reduces CO2 emissions.

The facility includes 65 charging stations and a carsharing system and enjoys direct access to a suburban train station as part of our multimodal mobility concept. Additional services, such as connected cars and automated valet parking (AVP), are also planned.

The construction of the new Terminal 3 multi-storey parking lot was completed in summer 2023 and has been available to public customers with a partial capacity of 2,000 parking spaces since February 2024. The new parking facility is part of the Holiday Parking product and relieves the parking garages in the north area at Terminals 1 and 2, especially during the vacations.

The Holiday Parking service must be booked in advance online. There is a minimum parking duration of three days.  Travelers can reach Terminals 1 and 2 with a free shuttle bus.

The parking lot is equipped with a modern parking guidance system with a level guidance system to make finding a parking space efficient and reduce CO2 emissions. The parking spaces have a convenient width of 2.50 m. A total of 50 charging points with a charging capacity of up to 11 kW are available for electric vehicles.
The Holiday Parking South product will initially be available until Terminal 3 opens for the 2026 summer timetable, after which the parking lot will be available with its full capacity of 8,500 parking spaces and offer a total of 165 charging points for electric vehicles.

Custom-tailored products

Products for travelers and visitors to Frankfurt Airport

Our portfolio contains services of various types, locations and prices – all geared to our customers’ needs. They include reserved parking areas with separate access, extra-wide parking spaces, and charging stations for electric vehicles. Customers can also take ad-vantage of discounted prices by booking spaces online, with the added benefit of col-lecting Miles & More bonus points.

The parking page on Frankfurt Airport’s website con-tains additional information.

Contractual services for businesses and frequent fliers

Business customers can rent reserved car parking areas for a fixed monthly fee or by paying a basic monthly rate plus charges calculated on the basis of actual use.

More information on our services is available here.

We also offer companies the possibility of concluding a contract for the use of parking spaces at Frankfurt Airport. This is an attractive option for taxi, hotel and crew bus operators, car rental companies, carsharing operations, shops, and government agencies. We’re committed to optimally supporting all kinds of road traffic.

Please don’t hesitate to send us an email to if you have any questions about our contractual services for businesses and frequent fliers.

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