Quality management: improving processes

Fraport is committed to maintaining the high level of quality in the products and services it offers.

To harness the potential for improvement in Fraport AG’s key processes, the company successfully had its quality management system certified in line with the international standard ISO 9001 back in 1996. This certification was extended to cover the Group companies in 2000, leading to the formation of a voluntary certification group.

Besides the Fraport AG parent company, this comprises 14 other Group companies from all over the world:

  • NICE Aircraft Services & Support GmbH, Frankfurt
  • ASG Airport Service Gesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt
  • FraGround Fraport Ground Handling Professionals GmbH, Frankfurt
  • ACS Airport Cater Service GmbH, Frankfurt
  • MAS Medical Airport Service GmbH, Mörfelden-Walldorf
  • Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD, Bulgaria (Varna Airport, Burgas Airport)
  • AirITSystems GmbH, Hanover
  • FraSec Flughafensicherheit GmbH, Frankfurt/Berlin/Köln
  • FraSec Services GmbH, Frankfurt
  • FRACareS FraCareServices GmbH, Frankfurt
  • Terminal for Kids gGmbH, Mörfelden-Walldorf
  • Fraport Slovenija, d.o.o, Ljubljana Airport
  • Fraport Facility Services GmbH
  • AirIT Services GmbH, Frankfurt

Quality management is geared toward ensuring the high quality of the products and services offered and continuously improving all key processes. The company’s lasting success hinges on being aware of the processes that go on inside it and analyzing their effectiveness, efficiency and interaction. Regular internal audits help to keep process and service quality high and, where relevant, improve it together with the staff responsible. Regular external audits designed to maintain the company’s certification are conducted by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH, which validates and confirms the internationally acclaimed high quality of the Fraport Group’s products and services.